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Soliton’s services and products for Digital Protocol Validation can skew bus timing parameters, sweep bus voltage levels, induce spikes/glitches on the communication bus, induce packet formation faults, and measure bus timing parameters for a number of popular digital protocols. Customers can employ these products and services to rapidly generate the validation report for their device at competitive price points and timelines.

Protocol Validation solutions we offer

I2C Protocol Validation »»                               I3C Protocol Validation »»

   SPI Protocol Validation »»                               SPMI Protocol Validation »»

   UART Protocol Validation »»                           RFFE Protocol Validation »»

      SMBus Protocol Validation »»                         PMBus Protocol Validation »»


Test Parameter Compliance Corner cases, Faults, Glitches, and Communication Errors in a single suite.

Create custom tests and test sequences to test the device-specific functionalities.

Reproduce the failure cases quickly to speed up the debugging process.


"Soliton SVS provided a unified test platform with a simple pass/fail status reporting for validation. The Soliton Validation Suite is simple and easy to use. Setup takes about 15 minutes and validation of a working device is just a few hours. Use of the SVS has saved approximately $100K of NRE in the 1st year of application. Thank you so much for providing a great tool to validate I2C and I3C interfaces."

Hung Mai, Senior Staff Engineer at Semtech Corporation



Digital Protocol Validation Suites

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