Corporate Social Responsibility



Soliton is involved in CSR activities to make a positive impact on the environment and society, with special focus in the

domain of education for underprivileged children in government schools and orphanages.


Soliton believes in giving back to the society that helps us grow. In this endeavor, Soliton has been partnering with U&I for about 6 years now since 2016, enabling around 600 students and children to become confident individuals through this process. With efforts to brighten up these young minds, academic subjects such as English, Maths and Science are taught along with other holistic development activities.

Bringing in hope during the desperate pandemic times, Soliton helped U&I reach close to 40,000+ individuals for COVID relief work and provided meals and rations kits to over 5000 migrant workers and beneficiaries.

Smart Mini Health Centre (A unit of Samaritan Medical and Research Trust)

With the mission of extending a helping hand to people in need of medical assistance, Soliton Technologies provides financial assistance to the SMART MINI HEALTH CENTRE at Bettamugilalam, Tamil Nadu. This has enabled the centre to successfully carry on its operations and help the poor and disadvantaged villagers of this remote place.

Soliton has also helped SMART MINI to improve infrastructure whenever needed. Recently a 62.5 KVA generator was installed to provide complete power supply in case of power failure.

Flat Fish

Education is the building block of a child’s future, and we believe that today's learners are tomorrow's leaders. Soliton Technologies contributes to Flatfish Network, a registered Charitable Trust which facilitates sponsorships and subsidized education.

Through this program Soliton sponsored the education of around 45 students across levels (High School, Intermediate and Graduation), from economically weaker sections, enabling them to become independent and confident individuals.

Shanti Ashram

A society, at large, is ultimately the result of a happy and healthy community of people.

Soliton technologies partners with Shanti Ashram and IPCH (international Center for Public Health) to carry out public outreach programs for socially challenged children (children in extreme poverty, raised by single mothers, cared for by grandparents or children living with HIV) to motivate, energize and carve the path ahead for them.

Through more than 70 Health awareness and vaccination programmes, and Art Therapy sessions, we have helped build a healthy and a creative community of more than 5000 children.

In our bid to create a healthy society, Soliton has also extended its hand in ensuring food security to rural communities for over 4000 families. Over 100 quarantined families were supported through food assistance, during the difficult times of the pandemic.

As a tribute to the fearless women on the frontlines, Soliton Technologies, along with Shanthi Ashram, also honored over 100 women, saluting their courage and valour.

A society of hale and catalyzed individuals is what we wish for. And that's what we work for.


Ganesh Devaraj

Mekhala Devaraj