Meet the Leadership team of Soliton which is driven by its core values – Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Innovation.

Soliton Team

  • Founder & Executive Chairman

    Ganesh serves as the Chairman of Soliton’s Board of Directors, a mentor for Arjun (CEO of Soliton), and a brainstorming partner to the many leaders and teams in Soliton. Besides this responsibility in Soliton, he spends his time on his new passion project – to help engineering students learn engineering more deeply, with an emphasis on learning through projects.

    Ganesh started his professional career in 1997 as Project Scientist at V I Engineering, Michigan. While there, he read the book 'Built to Last' by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, and was inspired to build a visionary technology company in India, leading to the founding of Soliton in December 1997. He served as the CEO for 25 years, from founding until Mar 2023, during which time Soliton grew into the world’s leading provider of automation software solutions for semiconductor validation, having enabled multiple semiconductor giants standardize their validation automation software across their global design validation labs, delivering significant productivity gains and ROI in the process. A more detailed report of the 25 years is available at this link.

    Ganesh is a member of the Board of Directors of ELGi Equipments, Coimbatore, a leading global manufacturer of air compressors.

    Ganesh received a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, followed by a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and a Doctoral degree in Theoretical Particle Physics, from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He was also passionately involved in motor racing and tuning racing engines, and won the Grand Prix in one of the most competitive car racing categories in India in 1987, 1988 and 1989.

  • CEO & Executive Director

    As the CEO, Arjun serves all its people by helping all its business, project and people practices align with the Soliton purpose “Every engineer working to their hearts content, moving humanity forward”. He derives a lot of happiness from creating a fair and exciting work environment that can unleash the fullest potential of everyone in Soliton.

    Arjun has more than 20 years of experience in the software Industry, with a heavy focus on Enterprise Software development. After his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chennai, he did his MSE in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University and then worked in various organizations in the US. He also completed his MBA before relocating to India. He joined Soliton Technologies as a Solution Architect in 2013. He built the Web Technologies capabilities in Soliton from scratch, which contributes about half of Soliton’s revenue today. He consistently grew within the organization taking progressively higher responsibilities over the past ten years and was the “Director of Engineering” before taking over as the CEO.

  • Co-Founder & Executive Director

    Mekhala holds a Masters degree in Physics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. She is primarily responsible for campus recruitment, the main form of recruitment in Soliton, and also serves as a mentor and counsellor to the many Solitons who come up and ask for her time. In her earlier role in Soliton, Mekhala oversaw the setup of all the many offices as Soliton outgrew its older ones.

  • President, Soliton Technologies Inc. (US Subsidiary)

    Anish oversees the corporate function at Soliton's US subsidiary and serves as an advisor to the leadership team at Soliton. He has a penchant for simplicity and yearns to clone Feynman’s methods for learning and understanding complex subjects. He truly believes Soliton and its team can delight its customers through innovation and outstanding service.

    Anish helped start Soliton's US Operations in 2002. He has worked alongside with outstanding engineers and leaders at Soliton to deliver innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

    Anish holds a Masters degree from the University of Texas at Austin and Bachelors degree from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. He was a doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

  • VP – Global Sales and Business Development

    In addition to owning and managing the blueprint for growth, Vijay's responsibilities include operating & growing a well-equipped, vibrant sales function within Soliton. He establishes new customer relationships, paving the way to discovering growth potential in existing and new industry verticals. He has helped acquire and nurture customer accounts that have become Soliton's significantly high revenue-earning and longstanding partners.

    Vijay's unshakeable optimism, inherent curiosity, and thirst for knowledge extend to his work. His go-to philosophy is, "A day that I don't learn something new is a day wasted." He is genuinely passionate about fostering enduring relationships based on trust & fairness.

    He received his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology (affiliated with Anna University) at Coimbatore.

  • VP – Global Key Accounts Strategy and Development

    Sandeep provides sales leadership for Soliton’s key customer accounts and manages account-level strategies for consistent, sustainable growth from development to execution. He has a strong understanding of customer businesses and helps them visualize the potential positive transformations brought about by Soliton’s services.

    Highly results-driven with a track record of successfully growing principal accounts and managing the largest business unit for the organization, Sandeep inspires confidence in both the customers and mentors his team members to adopt a value-driven selling process. He helps identify pain points, formulates creative solutions, and follows an involved and consultative selling process to help customers implement transformative initiatives.

    Sandeep has worked with senior leadership of customer accounts for many critical projects and led or co-led from Soliton the most successful global standardization initiatives for design validation software infrastructure in some of the leading semiconductor companies. 

    Sandeep has an Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication from Anna University. He resides in Dallas, Texas.

  • Director - Engineering

    Saranya is responsible for successfully delivering all projects from Soliton and the key metric- "Soliton Delight,” which measures customer delight, team delight, and stakeholder delight. By focusing on all three dimensions, she enables highly engaged, autonomous, high-performance teams to put forth their best creative work and generate substantially higher ROI for our customers, along with a delightful overall experience that leads to profitability and growth.

    She constantly strives to strengthen the delivery teams to continuously improve delivery practices by benchmarking successful industry standards. Through these efforts, she also identifies and mentors the next-level leaders and managers.

    Saranya started as a developer and grew to take on the roles of Project Leader and Manager, before taking on her present role as Director of Engineering. She has delivered multiple successful projects across domains like semiconductor, medical, and industrial test & measurement, where she was instrumental in converting customer ideas into reality.

    She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore (Anna University) in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

  • Senior Manager - Machine Learning & Data Science

    Vishnu is responsible for managing the Data and Machine Learning projects in Soliton. He is also passionate about Soliton culture and runs multiple internal initiatives.

    Vishnu has won many accolades including the Team Player of the Year 2009, Innovator of the Year 2015 and Soliton of the Year 2017

    Vishnu has published 4 papers during his Masters in peer reviewed conferences and journals. He was a Speaker at PAWMFG 2016, NIWeek 2019

    Vishnu received his Bachelor of Technology in Electronic and Communication Engineering from Amrita School of Engineering, 2007 and his Masters in Automatic Speech Recognition, IIT Madras, 2015

  • Senior Solutions Architect and Project Manager

    Senthil is responsible for leading standardization (digital transformation for validation work flow) initiative/project for customers in the semiconductor industry. He is working with semiconductor customers in Arizona and the west coast area. He leads the team in deploying frameworks / solutions with innovative ideas for improving the user and developer experience of validation engineers.

    Senthil has won several awards including the Soliton of the Year 2008, Innovator of the Year 2010 for Dell team, Innovator of the Year 2012. The team he led got the Team of the Year 2020 award for validation lab framework development.

    Senthil received his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

Regional Partner - China

  • Founder & CEO - Shanghai Gubo

    Hao Zhou is the founder of Gubo. He graduated from Fudan University with a Master's degree in Microelectronics. While at Fudan, he worked on Ultra-High-Speed ADC IC design & tape-outs and also interned at Analog Devices as an applications engineer. At ADI, Hao was responsible for the reference design development for RF Signal Chains and helped the ADI team fully automate their test benches. Hao joined National Instruments as a test engineering specialist on the NI STS platform in 2015. He leads NI’s APAC Center of Excellence Team for semiconductor test providing technical expertise, support & consulting leadership to several customers across Great China, ASEAN, Japan & Korea. In 2019, after 4 exciting years with National Instruments, Hao founded Shanghai Gubo, a Test and Measurement consulting & services enterprise for serving customers in China.

    Soliton Technologies & Shanghai Gubo entered into a strategic partnership in May 2020 to jointly address the growing needs of China Semiconductor Market.