Enterprise Scale Platforms & Framework Development

Develop and modernize test & measurement automation platforms or frameworks by enhancing efficiency,
streamlining processes, and driving impactful results across your organization.

Current State of Enterprise Platforms/Frameworks


Developing and modernizing enterprise platforms and frameworks encounter challenges related to non-standard test development across different life cycles of the test; knowledge management struggles across the organization, impacting quality, time-to-market, and cost considerations; and current frameworks/solutions not built for the scale required to meet future demands amidst growing device functionality complexities.

Our Transformative Offerings

Enterprise Validation framework

GUI Composer framework

Large Scale Application Framework 

Reliability Test Automation Framework – Wafer, Device Level

Looking to develop or modernize your enterprise platform or framework?

Soliton’s involvement across Mixed Signal & Digital Semiconductor Lifecycle

Transformative Impact with Our Solutions

Efficiently achieved Silicon Bring-Up within 24 hours and enabled 3rd-day sample shipment to customers.

Realized a remarkable 2X increase in test coverage.

Delivered substantial cost savings of 30-40% through reduced test development time, optimized instrumentation utilization, and streamlined bench setup/teardown processes.

Revolutionized new engineer onboarding with effective standardization and UX-focused tools.

Enhanced visibility across management and engineering teams through robust data management systems.

Enterprise Platform Impact and Success Stories

Test Framework for Wafer and Package Level Reliability Tests

Helped a prominent player, a fortune 500 company in the semiconductor sphere upgrade their legacy systems for enhanced scalability from EOL Support and transitioning from a 10-year-old VB-based platform to optimizing data retrieval and review processes resulting in,

• 95% station utilization through automated job scheduling and remote access.
• 3X increased throughput through abstracted framework.
• >60% code reuse due to instant search and access to 1000s of test script.
• 55% reduction of station downtime through utilization and data insights for lab managers.

Enterprise Validation Infrastructure

Helped a fortune 500 semiconductor company conceptualize, develop, adopt & support a standardized test automation framework for use across the entire customer organization for post-silicon semiconductor validation workflows resulting in,

• 50+ Product Lines with 1000+ Users
• Silicon Bring up reduced from weeks to days.
• Connectivity & insight across Product Lifecycle

Test Reuse across Silicon Product Engineering

Helped another fortune 500 semiconductor company conceptualize & implement a first of its kind automation framework for increasing automation software reuse across semiconductor post-silicon validation & high-volume test workflows with visible outcomes related to,

• 20+ Product Lines
• 3x Increase in Test Coverage
• >60% productivity increase

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