Protocol Analyzer Solutions

Protocol Analyzer Solutions

  • Overview

In a system, most of the chips need to communicate with each other to make sure the system meets its functionalities. Each chip would be manufactured and tested from different facilities under different methods. So, it becomes crucial for the Validation Engineers to validate the functionalities of the chips. Mainly digital communication validation becomes challenging to ensure that their devices are communicating correctly in all cases. It includes analyzing the digital protocols, interpreting the protocol message, protocol parameters, and signal quality, and verifying if all meet the needs using a logic analyzer or an oscilloscope. In addition to the manual work, this also requires a strong understanding of the digital protocol to analyze and decode properly. These tasks can become very time-consuming and prone to human analysis errors. To make this task easier, we need:

  • A simplified solution to interpret digital protocol waveforms and messages.
  • An automated Electrical Parameters Measurement that helps to validate Signal Quality and Reliability.
  • An easy-to-use interface for interactive tasks and automation.
  • The Ability to perform analysis without having to use a specialized, expensive oscilloscope.

Why Protocol Analyzer?

  • Easily verify semiconductor device communication in a system with Protocol Analyzer for MIPI I3C and I2C, and run it with InstrumentStudio.
  • Leverage NI’s high-performance PXI Oscilloscope or simple USB Oscilloscopes to measure electrical parameters.
  • Quickly decode and annotate the captured protocol waveform and give an insightful presentation.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Semiconductor Device Control for interactive register read & write.
  • Automate with APIs using TestStand Sequencing.

Difference from Traditional Analyzers

Traditional Analyzers
    • Require expensive oscilloscopes or box-type instruments with an inbuilt Protocol Decoder/Analyzer.
    • Have a higher dependency on the exact oscilloscope or hardware model.
    • Do not have an explicit reporting capability.
    • Do not support such automation.
    • Do not provide this kind of scalability.
Soliton Protocol Analyzer
    • Turn your existing oscilloscope into a Protocol Analyzer.
    • Hardware agnostic solution that can support any oscilloscope with automation capabilities.
    • Reporting capability logs captured waveforms and decoded packet information, and measured parameters.
    • It helps control the software from other programs through automation from external programming applications like Python, C#, LabVIEW, TestStand, etc.
    • As the solution is implemented entirely in the software layer, it helps scale the hardware and user interface for more protocols in the future.

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