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Python Firmware and System Validation

One of the leading semiconductor firms in the world, wanted a reliable partner with hardware and software expertise to help them with the Firmware and System Validation. Owing to our previous engagements, Soliton seemed to be an ideal fit for them.

The need was to test and validate the firmware on the DUT; and Python with all its features seemed like an excellent choice to help upgrade the firmware validation. We helped the customer with:

➡ Writing instrument drivers for debugging tools.

➡ Creating device drivers to communicate with DUT

➡ Revamping the entire python test framework at customer side with additional features which resulted in a variety of advantages.

➡ Automating the frameworks to run regressions tests

The framework was upgraded into a more scalable version of it and the validation process was transformed into a more automated version, reducing manual effort. This enhanced firmware quality led to faster development process and a faster time-to-market.

Package Mechanical Analysis Workflow Automation

Our focus for this project was directed towards addressing challenges inherent in the design phase, faced by one of our customers and automate the FMEA for package design (mechanical assembly) to reduce repeated engineering effort in each product cycle and improve the overall utilization of simulation servers. Throughout the project, we provided comprehensive support to our customer, including:

➡ Streamlining automated workflows associated with the mechanical analysis of package designs.

➡ Leveraging advanced analysis software for both design creation and the execution of specific analyses.

➡ Systematically capturing data in prescribed formats, along with the corresponding analysis results and a summarized report.

➡ Reducing dependency on software skillsets and enabling quick onboarding of engineers.

Through these combined efforts, we optimized the operational efficiency, fostered collaboration, streamlined onboarding and reduced the manual effort. Additionally, we also maximized the server utilization and improved design cycle that resulted in better team collaboration and design pattern reuse.


Test Automation Workflow

When one of our customers reached out to us with a high-level requirement to create a Validation Framework for their Test Automation Workflow, we promptly supported them by developing most of the components of the framework using Python, thereby making it a primary language for some of the key modules.

Some of the areas where we extended our support include,

➡ Creating the driver functions for hardware control by utilizing the extensive instrument libraries available in Python.

➡ Designing modules to measure parameters as the data obtained were either numeric or waveform based.

➡ Identifying the areas of repetitive validation work and developed reusables that could easily replace this in an optimized way.

➡ Crafting Data Loggers that could perform live data logging and detailed logging.

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Why Python?  

Python, a free and open-source programming language, has evolved over 30 years to become a developer favorite. Its popularity in application development is attributed to some factors, making it a powerhouse for developers seeking simplicity, versatility, and robust solutions. Some include:

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