MAVIS - Medical Device V&V Automation Framework

MAVIS - Medical Device V&V Automation Framework

Automate your Medical Device’s V&V using MAVIS

Our Vision is to build the world’s most innovative Medical ADV solutions that help Medical companies do Device Validation in a faster, better, and cheaper way, to better healthcare, at the same time reduce costs. The MAVIS Medical V&V automation tool and our engineering team at Soliton can help you standardize the Medical V&V automation activities across your organization and product groups, while also bringing about a very significant increase in test coverage. In a recent engagement, our customer was able to achieve over a 50% increase in their test coverage using MAVIS.

MAVIS eliminates, resolves, unravels the challenges with Text and Value verification

MAVIS helps you to validate the Font Colour, Size, Icons, and other UI elements which are not possible in most of the UI automation tools

MAVIS facilitates analyzing and validating waveforms without manual effort

V&V Engineers can now create Automation scripts effortlessly with the sleek drag & drop interface.

Port your existing LabVIEW/Python modules into MAVIS

With MAVIS, End to end System level testing is now within your reach


MAVIS is a scalable, customizable framework, and it can be tailored to meet the needs of specific V&V requirements based on your preferred engagement model with Soliton. The following are the key out-of-the-box capabilities that ship along with MAVIS.

  • MAVIS enables the V&V engineers to develop automation scripts without needing to learn any programming language through a user-intuitive drag and drop interface and with record and playback capabilities.
  • MAVIS offers out-of-the-box UI verification capabilities which enable verifying any value/text field with higher accuracy and without needing any additional training through OCR-based text verification.
  • MAVIS comes with powerful image analysis capabilities that enable visual/UIDD verification requirements extending from verifying the color, shape, and position of image components to verifying more dynamic requirements such as flashing, flash frequency, and waveform-related functional verifications that include waveform presence, continuity, trend value; these can be extended to any device-specific requirements.
  • MAVIS comes as a light-weight alternative to resource-intensive UI automation tools, thus, empowering the automation of low-end devices with limited CPU resources and supports systems running on Windows/ Windows Embedded, Linux systems, and also with embedded devices.
  • MAVIS enables system-level end-to-end testing and makes interfacing with hardware simulators and software emulators streamlined and simplistic. Some examples with which we have worked earlier are, the Fluke simulators (Prosim8), Serial communication devices, CAN interfaces, NI or third-party test and measurement systems, and software emulators which support external interfaces such as APIs, DLL calls, python script calls, REST APIs, and other similar means. 
  • MAVIS is highly customizable and can be integrated with your V&V workflow applications (Test Management tools, task schedulers, command-line interfaces, etc)

Increase the Efficiency of your Automated V&V


MAVIS - A Medical V&V Automation Framework from Soliton Technologies, enables V&V Engineers to build their V&V Test scripts using a GUI with no coding required.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to know more about the product. What are the next steps?

We offer a no-obligation online demo of our tool where we can understand your specific V&V needs and consult how we can best solve your requirement. Click on ‘Request Demo’ on the top right of this webpage

Does MAVIS support only medical applications developed on specific technology stacks?

MAVIS is technology agnostic, and we have experience in supporting medical applications running on Windows, Windows-CE, Linux, and Android. It can also be extended to Embedded platforms

My medical application runs on a low-end device with limited CPU resources. Is it possible to use MAVIS with this resource constraint?

While the typical GUI automation tool uses object-based validation, it interferes with your application layer and can impact your application’s performance when running with fewer resources. MAVIS is a lightweight alternative, and it has helped one of our customers which was not possible otherwise

We need to follow certain procedures and get certifications for any tool that we use based on FDA guidelines. Will you help us with this?

We can work with your Quality Team to get the necessary certifications done. With our current customers, we have completed NPTV regulation with their corresponding Quality teams.

We have an existing infrastructure and tools to track requirements and maintain bugs. Is it possible to integrate MAVIS with these tools?

MAVIS framework comes with a scalable option to easily integrate with other software tools for quality management and tracking purposes. Based on the requirement and the feasibility of the tool, we will be able to integrate MAVIS.

I am already using another Automation framework and have invested a substantial amount of time in developing the Test modules. Can I reuse these modules?

MAVIS is developed in LabVIEW. Like any other programming language, LabVIEW allows us to call DLLs built in other languages, call python scripts, and MATLAB scripts. As an out-of-the-box capability, MAVIS has an option to directly reuse existing python functions. We would be happy to consult an efficient way of reusing your existing modules.

Can we verify dynamic popups/color changes?

Yes, the out-of-the-box image comparison plugin can be used for Text Verification, and pixel-to-pixel image comparison needs with straightforward use cases. For custom requirements, we can also add additional plugins that leverage either NI Vision or open-source image processing libraries to meet the specific use case. We would need to assess the feasibility carefully for complex image processing requirements.

Do you like to know more, request a no-obligation online demo.