Medical Device V&V Automation Framework

Accelerating Verification and Validation for Medical Devices using MAVIS

As the complexity of medical device and software increases, so does the importance of Verification and Validation. Do these challenges look familiar?

    • Medical Devices Verification & Validation

      Is lack of access to the right V&V tools throttling your pace of product design?
    • Medical Devices Verification & Validation

      Are your automation solutions struggling to keep up with the latest firmware releases?
    • Medical Devices Verification & Validation

      Is regression testing across multiple firmware versions a challenge?
    • Medical Devices Verification & Validation

      Are you forced into too many meetings between teams to convey automation needs?

We understand an inefficient Verification and Validation can lead to prohibitive costs and product recalls. Poor compliance testing can take a toll on customer confidence. Introducing MAVIS, an automation solution built specifically to make V&V Engineers be more productive.


MAVIS is Soliton’s Automated Medical Design Verification offering for V&V Engineers. This tool provides V&V Engineers the ability to build their automation scripts using a GUI without coding. In addition to interfacing with hardware components like modular and standalone instruments, one is able to integrate software components built in LabVIEW using MAVIS. Furthermore, MAVIS can be customized to meet your specific needs in Medical Device Design Verification and Validation.


What MAVIS offers out of the box

  • Ready to deploy V&V Automation Solution, build based on several man years of experience offering ADV solutions
  • Machine Learning powered Text Verification (OCR) plugin
  • Record all the steps performed for Manual V&V to build scripts for Automated V&V
  • Easily integrate any LabVIEW code into MAVIS using pre-defined plugin templates
  • A standardized approach that encourages reuse of plugins and scripts across different V&V teams within an organization
  • Utilizes minimal resources on medical device and is performant
  • Bring any hardware with LabVIEW drivers into a V&V project
  • Use sequence operators like “For Loop” to sweep certain steps automatically through a range of parameter values

We have 10+ years of experience designing, developing and implementing automation frameworks for the world’s leading Medical, Manufacturing and Semiconductor customers. Soliton has the right blend of industry experience and technology understanding that are core elements for success with Medical Device Verification and Validation.

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