Faster way to visualize and analyze waveforms

DIVE helps you analyze and tag thousands of waveforms (TDMS files or any other input format*) with ease, and enables deployment of custom Machine Learning models* to spot anomalies faster. DIVE can also be customized to integrate with other data analysis tools like PowerBI and Spotfire*.


Loading large waveforms (TDMS files) is slow going through waveforms manually is time-consuming

Going through waveforms manually is time-consuming

Filtering data by attributes is challenging

Creating reports by taking screenshots and making PPT’s is tedious

Using different tools for quick and detailed analysis is inconvenient


DIVE is optimized for faster loading times

Use our built-in Machine Learning model to spots anomalies, or easily build a custom model to fit your needs

Filter/sort based on metadata/comments for analysis

Generate customized reports with a single click

DIVE has all the featured you need for both cases and can be interfaced with workflow tools like Spotfire


How can DIVE help?

The 3 slides below explains

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Quick walk-through of DIVE:

* Spotfire/PowerBI Integration, Handling of other input formats, Custom Machine Learning models are not part of the beta version.

Reach out to us if you would like to see a demo or for a 14-day trial license