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Craft innovative solutions with precision and excellence and transform your vision into extraordinary custom products that redefine industry standards.

Why Product Engineering with Soliton?


In the current state of product engineering, challenges related to difficulty in building teams with domain understanding of product engineering lifecycle, lack of flexibility in team size management, and finding the expertise to develop custom projects based on requirements underscore the landscape of product engineering services, demanding strategic solutions for streamlined operations and enhanced project success.


Evaluation GUI Development

Engineering Applications Development

Tech Stack Migration / Application Modernization

Online Design & Simulation Tool Development

Need Custom Product Engineering Solutions Tailored to Your Needs to Enhance Your Business?

Product Engineering Success Stories

IC Integration with Advanced Configuration GUIs

Partnered with a leading semiconductor company to develop advanced device functionalities and configure ICs tailored to their unique application use cases and requirements.

Lifecycle Analytics Platform

Partnered with a leading T&M Solutions Provider to develop and introduce to the market a first-of-its-kind product analytics platform spanning the entire semiconductor lifecycle through design, validation, and manufacturing.

Robotic Arm Controller App with 3D Visualization

Partnered with a custom robotics company to craft an intuitive, no-code system for precise control of a robotic arm, featuring 3D visualization.

Soliton’s Product Engineering Expertise in Focus


Explore Soliton’s innovative approach and learn how we addressed the challenges faced by customers and end-users during the configuration of ICs by eliminating the excessive time required to grasp advanced device features and configure ICs for specific application use cases. 

Soliton’s Innovative Tailored Solutions

Our advanced user-focused GUIs redefine device interaction and empower users by

• Guiding them to evaluate advanced device features through interactive functionalities.

• Helping them generate customized configuration files or programs through intuitive UI.

• Configuring ICs ensuring end users an effortless integration with their end systems.

Key Outcomes


Solitons Expertise


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