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Welcome to Soliton’s Protocol Compliance Testing Services where our compliance testing programs evaluate product’s conformance against standard protocol interfaces. We are an Independent Test Lab focusing on functional, parametric, interoperability and fault induction tests. As we cover protocol validation aspects of your device, you can focus on the other key featural tests. Through our protocol validation services, we’ve aided 15 of the leading 20 semiconductor companies in attaining detailed reports on their protocol validation efforts.

Importance of Testing

Semiconductor chips are becoming more intelligent, thereby increasing the amount of data transfer as well. This has also paved the way for the evolution of digital communication protocols. A lot of new interface protocols are introduced each year and the complexity of those protocol interfaces is also equally growing. Validation of such protocol interfaces against Compliance and Standards becomes critical which decides the success and longevity of a product in the market. The following reasons substantiate this,

  • Validation ensures the interoperability of the product with other devices in the market.
  • Helps us understand the threshold limits of various parameters of the device.
  • Captures the bugs that might have been missed during design verification.
  • Identifies the behavior of the device at corner cases which can be rectified accordingly.
  • To help the manufacturers validate their product against the protocol spec compliance, we provide this test service.

Services we offer

We help customers to test the below functionalities of their products. 

- Functional testing of the protocol interfaces 

- Timing and Voltage characterization

- Fault Reliability/ Error Recovery Tests 

- Interoperability Tests 

What we deliver

- Insightful Test Reports

We Provide detailed reports that can help you quickly understand product quality and noteworthy issues.

- Debugging Support

We Provide a dedicated support for debugging the failures or issues along with customer expert teams to derive insights.

Why Soliton?

Soliton has aided 15 of the leading 20 semiconductor companies in attaining detailed reports on their protocol validation efforts, all of which have consistently engaged with us or returned for further collaboration. Several factors contribute to this positive relationship:

- Quick turnaround from qualified experts

- Cost Effective

- Quality of Reports

- Flexible Schedules

- Test Equipment Savings

How we engage

1. Initiating a discussion on the validation plan, project timelines, and collaborative engagement.

2. Sending us the Devices Under Test (DUTs) along with pertinent information (For further insights, consult the FAQ section).

3. Verifying and confirming the Test Procedure and Validation Plan in collaboration with the Soliton Team.

4. Receiving the first-cut report within 2-3 days after the DUT's initial setup.

5. Maintaining consistent communication throughout the validation process.

6. Receiving comprehensive and documented outcomes subsequent to the validation.

7. Participating in post-result discussions and ongoing support interactions.

8. We also support for onsite validation.

Customer Ratings: Insights into Our Performance

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Is Soliton an Accredited Independent Test Lab for conducting these tests?

Protocol-defining consortiums, such as MIPI, do not extend accreditation to any vendor for testing labs. All the testing labs provide this service as an Independent Test Labs and Soliton does the same.

What is the pertinent information that I should share with the DUT (Device Under Test)?

Preliminary or released datasheet of the DUT if possible else information on the address, power up, compliance, operation parametric and optional protocol specifics.

When should I choose the Protocol Validation product?

Choose our Protocol Validation product if, i) You have ongoing or frequent needs for protocol compliance testing and digital interface validation. ii) You want the flexibility to perform tests in-house at your convenience. iii) Your projects require continuous and iterative testing during development.

When is Protocol Validation as a Service the right choice?

Opt for our Protocol Validation as a Service if, i) You have sporadic or single-time protocol validation needs. ii) You prefer to focus on other core functionalities of your Device Under Test (DUT) while outsourcing the protocol testing. iii) You need an efficient, hassle-free validation process without investing in testing hardware and training.

What environments are supported for Protocol Validation?

We support a wide range of environments, including temperatures from -25°C to 140°C. We also support Vdd in the range of 0 to 80V.

What is the turnaround time for the reports?

We provide the first cut report within 2-3 days post-DUT (Device Under Test) bring-up. The complete report is shared within 2-3 weeks post-DUT bring-up.

How many samples need to be shipped for validation?

We request five DUTs: three for validation and two as backups.

Can I customize the Protocol Validation model?

Yes, we support customization of the Protocol Validation as a Service engagement to meet your specific requirements.