Faster, Easier, Reliable MIPI I3C® CTS Validation Tool

With digital protocols becoming more sophisticated, it becomes essential to ensure the interoperability of the devices by making sure they are compliant with protocol standards rather than doing simple functional tests. Generally, the compliance testing is done by going through the specifications, understanding the features, writing testcases based on the features, using a set of automation tools to validate those testcases and reporting the compliance result. 

Recently MIPI has launched a CTS for I3C (MIPI I3C® v1.1.1) which defines a set of testcases to be validated to make sure the device is compliant with the specification standards. 

Traditionally, to perform Compliance Testing, Validation Engineers had to read and understand each test case in the CTS and find ways to test it with tools and systems they had and finally validate and generate compliance reports.


This includes finding the right tools sets, writing test suites, performing measurements, debugging, and logging of reports further make Compliance Testing more difficult, eating up approximately 5 weeks! Now, that is a huge price to pay in the race for a faster Release to Market (RTM)! 

How about a solution that could help you validate your I3C CTS in just an hour?  If you are on the hunt for an easier, faster, and effortless way to test the compliance of your I3C Protocol interface, here is how you could do it! 


Newer Ways for Better Results 


Soliton’s I3C Protocol Validation Suite comes as a perfect solution for your I3C CTS needs! The tool helps in validating your MIPI I3C® CTS tests, giving a wide coverage in validating your chip in a matter of just a few clicks! 


Minimalistic is the way! 


Contrary to conventional protocol testers, the tool is a lighter bench setup with minimal hardware yet catering to your complete validation requirements, reducing your costs to one-tenth! 

Here is a look at the setup that the solution consists of: 

     –  NI Digital Pattern Instrument (PXIe 657x) with NI PXI chassis 

     – Soliton PVS Interposer Board -For Signal Conditioning (Possible to integrate with Validation bench) 

     – Oscilloscope – For few measurements where desired  

     – Soliton Protocol Validation Suite Software compatible with Windows OS (Win 10)  

With a minimal hardware setup and an Inbuilt Report Generation feature, you can generate Compliance Reports for I3C CTS in just an hour! 

The MIPI I3C Target Validation Tool is designed with a set of Template Validation Scripts, thus giving you a Comprehensive Validation and CTS Reports – all with Zero Coding; eliminating the need for: coding or developing patterns, measurements, debugging or manual logging of reports! 




Get. Set. Test! 


With a market that demands compliance, conformance and interoperability, CTS tests and reports have become more than essential to bring out your best product. Here is a solution that you could try to make your compliance testing much easier, faster, and more efficient to handle!  

Written by

Saravanakumar Muthusamy

April 20, 2022

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