5 reasons to make the switch to an out-of-the-box Protocol Validation solution

What would you do if you had 2 hours? Hit the gym, watch a movie, or clean up your inbox? Endless possibilities! But what if you could perform an otherwise complex task in 2 hours’ time that can be made equally enjoyable, like validating your digital protocol interface? 

Yes, you read it right! When you buy a validation solution, it is obvious to opt for the one that saves time, cost, and development rather than one where you still must develop additional code. On the other hand, if you are an engineer building your in-house validation solution, here is a further read that might interest you. 

Automating your validation processes with Soliton’s out-of-the-box Protocol Validation Solutions (PVS) enables you to focus on your core job of validation without having to tediously develop software from scratch or debug your code.  


It does not stop there. Your 2-hour validation comes with these benefits too: 


Reasons to make the switch! 

PVS offers complete end-to-end protocol validation. The table below gives quantitative insight into why buying Soliton’s Protocol Validation Solutions (PVS) is more effective than building your own solution. 


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Here’s a qualitative approach to how this can positively impact your protocol validation activities. 


1. Cost, effort, and time: 

A proprietary solution could easily consume 5 to 6 person-months of development time and cost you more than $75,000 for a single protocol. Most importantly, why must your Validation Engineer write code and build automated validation infrastructures? 

On the other hand, Soliton’s PVS needs only a few hours to install, at a lesser cost and with minimal effort, while your engineers focus on other priorities: measurement & data analysis. 


2. Test Coverage: 

Building a solution requires more technical knowledge and extensive protocol research within a given time, resulting in limited test coverage of only around 60-80%. This is not optimal. Compliance takes a hit leading to potential product failure, and in certain use cases, even customer returns. A solution that can achieve greater test coverage will help you capture the market and win over customers. 

A tried-and-tested alternative is Soliton’s PVS, developed with a collective experience of 15+ person-years of R&D that can achieve greater than 90% test coverage, create custom test cases, and give you a competitive edge. 


3. User-Experience: 

Do you spend weeks on data collection to make your solution user-friendly? Focusing solely on UI & UX can divert attention from your validation time, which is why you must leave it to the experts. 

The PVS comes with an interactive GUI equipped to generate reports in just a few clicks. Data collection now becomes much easier with PVS, for veterans and newbies alike. 


4. Onboarding: 

Adopting a new solution can be intimidating in terms of onboarding. When you buy our PVS, onboarding becomes seamless and simple with a well-established repository of collaterals and FAQs that might otherwise take years to develop. This reduces the ramp-up time for new users to about 4 hours instead of a week. In case you hit a roadblock, unlike an in-house solution where you might struggle with it yourselves, you can reach out to the Support Team who are just a ping away!  


5. Maintenance, upgrades, and support: 

As technology advances, so does our responsibility to match that pace. An in-house solution might require internal developers to keep track of protocol updates and have deep expertise in various protocols to upgrade and support. Our seasoned R&D team with 15+ person-years of protocol developing experience understands and delivers faster, overcoming any challenge with attrition of the in-house protocol expert. 


So, the next time you want validate your protocol, think not, it’s better to buy than to build!


Written by

Arundhathy S

Jan 23, 2023

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