Easier Protocol Validation - Now a Reality

The Old Validation Story


Every chip holds a big history of validation. Every Validation engineer has a tale to tell. A tale that narrates the long hours of validation, design of hardware and software based on specification, product testing for each spec, numerous measurements and reports, not to forget the big task of debugging and the tightening noose of the clock.

However, these stories continue to be embedded in the validation process, given the importance, it holds in determining the performance of the chip. Considering a chip with a digital protocol interface; validation, -known here as Protocol Validation, becomes a much more integral component. Not only is it important and inevitable but it could also take up a major chunk of the entire validation time.

As the complexity of the product and the protocol increases, the validation time also increases, thus reducing the RTM. As described in the article ‘Woes of Protocol Validation’, performing Protocol Validation in the traditional ways takes an enormous amount of time and effort, thus becoming an unfavorable choice.

It is gaining that we are looking for! And the gains are here.


A New Dimension to Protocol Validation


    • SOLITON’S PROTOCOL VALIDATION SUITE provides the ultimate solution for protocol validation, clearing your validation woes and worries. Right from testing to reports to debugging, we have got your back!
    • A powerful off-the-shelf tool, Soliton’s Protocol Validation tool comes with easy-to-use software with user-friendly Debug features.
    • The software is built as per the defined protocol specifications, thus eliminating the need for the development and design of hardware and software, for protocol validation. It has a set of inbuilt, out-of-the-box tests for protocol conformance, which can be easily run with just a few clicks. Furthermore, these tests can be effortlessly customized by the user!
    • The reports are generated while the protocol conformance tests execute.


Key highlights


Win the race against the clock

Soliton’s Protocol Validation Suite validates the device’s protocol specifications so rapidly, that the validation time is reduced from weeks to just a few hours. The tool is easy to use and eliminates the need for the user to understand the complete specifications. This lifts off a great burden from the Validation engineer’s shoulders and saves a great amount of time, enabling a faster RTM. Now, there is no more racing against the clock!

Sweep the parameters

The Protocol Validation Suite allows you to sweep the timing and electrical parameters of the given protocol, across a wide range of values both within and beyond the specifications.

Test it.…in and out

With such a powerful tool, protocol validation can be extended more than just basic functional tests, to testing all the corner cases, communication errors, and glitch recovery, with just a few clicks. The tool also enables performing tests across a wide range of external conditions like PVT.

Cover it completely with Compliance Testing

The in-depth and thorough Compliance testing surely assures you of a win over your customer! Furthermore, the test cases are customizable, giving you an extra edge invalidating the custom features of your chip.

Infrastructure Integration

The easy-to-interface APIs allow the tool to get integrated into your existing programming or test infrastructure easily. This ensures the best experience for a validation engineer from any programming platform.

Seal the Deal with faster Debugging

The tool’s detailed test reports, data, and debugging features save a lot of time for validation engineers in data collection and debugging. The easy error reproduction offered by the tool also enables a quicker and faster Debug! This way, engineers can focus on more critical tasks than just debugging validation data.

Reduce Costs, Increase benefits

An economical solution that eliminates the need for the use of ATEs (Automated Testing Equipment) or custom hardware, warding off the blues of requiring deep technical expertise while incurring only the basic minimal cost of hardware.


Moving towards Easier Validation days


In your endeavor in releasing master-class chips, Soliton’s Protocol Validation Tools provides all the support that you need. With our Powerful Solution, validation and debugging become much simpler, drastically bringing down the prolonged hours of testing and the physical strain involved, also eliminating the need for a deep understanding of the protocol.

All the aspects of validation are managed including a user-friendly GUI, automatically generated reports, out-of-the-box tests, saving a huge amount of money and time. It keeps Validation Engineers happy during all those hours of testing! Brace yourselves, Happy (Validation) Days are here!

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Written by

Arundhathy S

July 10, 2021