Soliton Launches its 4th Generation Machine Vision and IoT Smart Camera

Bangalore, India September 19, 2017

Soliton Technologies, India’s first Smart Camera manufacturer, today announced the launch of its latest 4th generation smart camera, NUERA. The camera is capable of onboard image processing/video analytics along with connectivity via GigE/WiFi/4G. The camera is compact (6x6x5cm3) and rugged, with an IP67 enclosure that can withstand harsh industrial or outdoor environments. The highly modular design provides the flexibility to choose the image sensors, optics, lighting, interfaces, and peripherals as needed by the application.

The key advantage of NUERA is that it can run sophisticated (including deep learning) algorithms on its high-performance quad-core processor and send only processed data to the cloud servers, thereby drastically reducing the data traffic. The camera additionally has local storage where up to 32GB of tagged video data can be stored and viewed on demand.

NUERA is designed to address a wide range of applications including surveillance, traffic monitoring, and control, drone-based imaging, people or vehicle access control, and industrial applications like robotics, fruit/nut grading and sorting, print color registration, label inspection, and metrology. The platform can also support multi-sensor applications for 3D vision, 360-degree imaging, IR + visible light sensor fusion, etc.

NUERA can be programmed using popular image processing libraries like OpenCV. The ARM processor has the NEON engine which can run the more optimized Compute Library from ARM for computer vision and machine learning. Soliton provides support for a complete application development environment with all necessary libraries, documentation, and examples to enable an application developer to quickly program and deploy their applications on the camera. A user interface can be connected via HDMI (Full-HD supported) or remotely via Ethernet. The touchscreen is supported via the USB interface. This makes NUERA a highly versatile, compact, and complete platform for a wide range of OEM applications.

Soliton has been designing and manufacturing smart cameras in Bangalore since 2007 and has grown into an established supplier of innovative and reliable smart cameras for industrial automation applications. With NUERA, Soliton has greatly extended the scope to address the fast-growing IoT segment. Many novel applications are becoming possible with the combination of high-quality image sensors, high-performance computing with advanced algorithms, ubiquitous connectivity, and big data analytics. Soliton is looking to work closely with telecom and fintech companies, besides industrial equipment manufacturers, to bring novel solutions to the marketplace.

For more details please visit the NUERA webpage or write to us at [email protected]