NUERA is Soliton’s latest cutting-edge compact Machine Vision and IoT Smart Camera. The camera is capable of onboard image processing/video analytics along with connectivity via GigE/WiFi/4G. The camera is compact (6x6x5 cm3) and rugged, with an IP67 enclosure that can withstand harsh industrial or outdoor environments. NUERA can run sophisticated (including deep learning) algorithms on its high-performance quad-core processor. The camera additionally has local storage where up to 32GB of tagged video data can be stored and viewed on demand.

NUERA is designed to address a wide range of applications including fruit/nut grading and sorting, pharma print and packaging inspection, label inspection, blister inspection, bottle inspection, mechanical component inspection, dimension measurement, fastener sorting, drone-based imaging, robot guidance, etc. The Nuera Smart Camera platform could be used to replace USB3.0 or GigE Machine Vision Camera and PC in various inspection systems, where space is a constraint and adding additional PC is a hassle.


  • NUERA Smart Camera Standard

    The standard version of Soliton's NUERA comes with the set of interfaces that are required for most industrial machine vision applications.

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  • NUERA Smart Camera Pro

    NUERA Pro adds wireless connectivity via WiFi/4G for IoT applications and HDMI for a local display (Full-HD) and Touchscreen support via USB.

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  • NUERA Smart Camera Custom Platform

    The NUERA platform is highly extensible and can be tailored and optimized for specific applications to reduce cost and increase performance.

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machine vision industrial iot smart camera for vision based systems and computer vision applications
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