Data Science and Machine Learning


Looking to derive more value from your test and measurement data using Machine Learning (ML)? Soliton can cater to your specific needs through various ML engagements models.

ML Starter Program

Machine Learning (ML) is driving more automation in the Semiconductor, Manufacturing, Automotive, Industrial and Medical Industries.

Soliton’s Machine Learning Starter Program is a cost-effective way for your organization to leverage the power of Machine Learning for your particular use case.

Our Kaggle Prize-winning team of data scientists can help you leverage Machine Learning through a custom starter program that we offer.


Are you spending too much time inspecting waveforms manually? Are you capturing thousands of waveforms but not able to inspect all of them effectively and spot anomalies?

Leverage machine learning & deep learning techniques to automate the analysis of waveforms & spot anomalies using Soliton’s ML-based Waveform Analysis tool.

​Check out a fun game that demonstrates how well a Deep Learning based model can classify waveform of various complexity.

Leverage SystemLinkTM for ML

Soliton is a National Instruments’ SystemLinkTM Specialty Alliance Partner. SystemLink and its integration with Python based Jupyter Notebook allows us to incorporate Machine Learning into existing workflows. Soliton leverages all the capabilities of SystemLink including its out-of-the-box LabVIEW and TestStand integration with open APIs to seamlessly build and deploy Machine Learning solutions.

Read more about "Getting started with ML in SystemLinkTM".


Soliton has an experienced team of data scientists who have in-depth understanding of core Machine Learning algorithms which enables us to choose the right model and architecture for your specific problem. Soliton has been providing innovative solutions to customers in the semiconductor, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive and retail industries for the past 20 years. Combining the industry experience with technology expertise, we have helped customers like you leverage machine learning over the last 8 years.


  • Technology Expertise

    Programming: Python is a preferred technology stack to build and deploy ML

    Partner Products: National Instruments SystemLink and RapidMiner Studio/Server

    Cloud Compute Platforms: Azure, AWS and Google Cloud

    Hardware: GPU, CPU and Mobile Processors

  • Industry Experience

    Semiconductor: Post Silicon Validation, Waveforms Analysis, Production Test, Anomaly Detection

    Manufacturing: Fault Prediction, Vision Systems for Defect Analysis

    Automotive: Predictive Maintenance, Image Recognition

    Retail: Forecasting