Take your first step into Machine Learning

Machine Learning Starter Programs for Semiconductor, Manufacturing & Medical business teams.

Machine Learning (ML) is driving more automation in the Semiconductor, Manufacturing, and Medical Industries. How can Machine Learning help your business?

Soliton’s ML Starter Program is a risk-free and cost-effective way for your organization to leverage the power of Machine Learning to increase productivity, mine for insights and find anomalies.

Our Kaggle Prize-winning team of data scientists can help you leverage ML through the two starter programs that we offer.

Option A: 1-Day Workshop:

Soliton offers a 7-hour Machine Learning 101 Workshop with focus on Semiconductor industry.


This workshop helps you:

    • Get introduced to Machine Learning and the most important Algorithms


    • Pick up speed with a Hands-on Machine Learning session using an intuitive tool RapidMiner


    • Understand the different phases of an ML project & gain first-hand experience with CRISP-DM methodology


    • Understand Case Studies from Semiconductor/Manufacturing companies on how ML is changing these industries


    • By providing an avenue to brainstorm with Soliton’s expert data science team to identify low hanging fruit for ML automation



At the end of the session, you and your team would be equipped to identify opportunities to apply ML in your current projects with minimal investments.



*This workshop is not open to students at present.



Option B: 4-6 Week Pilot Program:

This program offers an opportunity to get started with a machine learning project.


Over 4-6 Week Pilot Program, we will:

    • Understand your business case and define the scope where Machine Learning can help


    • Look at what data you have and suggest what can be used or what additional data needs to be collected


    • Prepare the data and get it ready for ML


    • Build models and evaluate their performance


    • Provide a working baseline solution that you can evaluate and/or give you a report on the whole study and the solution



At the end of this program, you will have:

  • A proof-of-concept ML model that matches with your needs
  • A roadmap for how to take your ML Project forward
  • An assessment of ROI, advantages, and challenges that are involved as you embark on this ML journey
  • An understanding of what infrastructure should be set up to implement an ML solution

Soliton has the right blend of industry experience and technology understanding that are core elements for success in implementing Machine Learning:

  • 11+ years of working with Semiconductor industry in the areas of Post Silicon Validation, Evaluation GUI development, Embedded services
  • 8+ years of Machine Learning experience

Contact us for additional information on the session and pricing.

Note: Though the program is tailored for an industry audience, we do get a lot of inquiries from students for the session. Unfortunately, we don't have a program for students right now. Thank you for your understanding.