Validation Framework for a Leading Semiconductor Company​

Standardized software platform enabling easy reuse of assets between Post-Silicon Validation & High-Volume Production​



Soliton worked towards providing standardized software to enable customer’s vision of reusing assets from the Post Silicon Validation phase to Production. With our High-Performance Teams Engagement Model, we aligned with the customer, to understand the requirements, identify pain points, and propose a road map that would create a significant impact on the validation community. Through our agile sprint model, and regular interactions with the customer and userbase, our team maintained and improved the product. With impressive metrics and success stories, Soliton generated interest and successfully onboarded new teams, expanding the scope. Through increased utilization of the tool, the customer could now effectively reuse resources, accelerating productivity by almost 60%, while seeing about 4 times return on the investment.

Soliton & Customer Partnership​

High level objective for the program: Characterization to production reuse enabling capital expense reduction for the customer​

Annual targets defined for platform adoption & Impact metrics​

Agile Delivery model​ & Onsite/Remote delivery​

Soliton in Action for Customer​

Product Roadmap, Creation & New capability introduction​

Adoption and advocacy across teams​

Monitoring & Presenting ROI & Impact to customers​


Standardized platform for validation community: First version delivered within 8 months

An Industry First: Platform enabling reuse between characterization and production

Shorter onboarding time for engineers

Consolidation of infrastructure investments for customer & increased reuse of assets

Continuous support for users: Increasing sustainability of the platform