Global Standardization of Software Infrastructure for design validation automation and specification

Providing integrated and automated semiconductor workflow​

Soliton & Customer Partnership ​

Scaling partner with multi-disciplinary skills​

Partner with best skill sets and technology expertise​

Consistent high productivity delivered among all partners​

Travel to global sites providing local support​

​Exit plan with self-sustenance

Soliton in Action for Customer​

Cross functional Soliton team for development, training and support​

Assess and build infrastructure to integrate with customer ecosystem​

Forums and programs to enable global teams' collaboration​

Soliton team ramp down after building a self-sustainable ecosystem​

Customer Benefits​

Asset reuse resulting in over a USD1M cost saving within a few years due to increased platform adoption

80% adoption: More than 500 globally distributed users 

30% efficiency improvement through workflow automation

Increased test coverage in by more than 70% and delivered quality data in weeks 

During a company acquisition by customer, Soliton synergized integration of best infrastructure of both companies

Faster onboarding and easy transition among business units