Webinar: Modernizing LabVIEW Applications

Revitalize your LabVIEW experience and optimize your approach to developing applications through this Modernization Webinar.


Join Soliton for an intuitive webinar on “Modernizing LabVIEW Applications”, where we aim to educate and empower validation engineers in the semiconductor, medical, and automotive industries.

Date: TBD
Time and Region: TBD

Through this webinar, you will:
Stay Updated: Learn to adopt the latest software industry trends within LabVIEW applications.
Learn Multi-Language Development: Discover techniques for developing applications using multiple programming languages.
Gain Practical Insights: Gain practical insights on optimizing LabVIEW applications for improved efficiency.

LabVIEW, a cornerstone in engineering and scientific applications, has been pivotal in driving automation and control systems in industries such as automobile, mechanical, production, and manufacturing. Its robust features, including a dataflow programming model, hardware abstraction, signal processing capabilities, real-time and FPGA support, modularity, GUI development tools, and its vibrant user community makes it an indispensable tool for building applications. Evolving over decades, LabVIEW now demands a shift from legacy frameworks to dynamic standards, urging us to explore innovative approaches for enhanced efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.


Santhosh Ramaraj – Senior Lead – Strategic Offering, Soliton Technologies



  1. Introduction
  2. Industry Trends in LabVIEW Applications
  3. Development Strategies
  4. Practical Application and Case Studies
  5. Q&A Session

Who Can Join the Webinar 

Validation Engineers | Test  Engineers | Directors of Engineering | Lead | Engineer Managers across Semiconductor | Medical | Automotive industries

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