Semiconductor Offerings and Use Cases

Applied AI Solutions

⇒ Test Program Generation from Test Specification for Semiconductor Validation

⇒ Democratize access to engineering data and access information across structured and unstructured data repositories through a user-friendly natural language chat interface .

⇒ Datasheet Comprehension

⇒ Prepare Test Plans for Automation, Medical Validation and other specific requirements.

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Workflow Automation and Data Engineering

Semiconductor Package Design Analysis through Workflow Automation
→ Automate workflow to minimize manual intervention and engineering effort for repetitive process, improving overall efficiency.
→ Enhance simulation server utilization to expedite test completion and reduce overall processing time.
→ Organize workflow artifacts for efficient reuse of design, configuration, and execution files, enabling data retrieval and reuse.
→ Address inefficiencies across package configuration, assembly setup, and analysis configuration stages and improve the design cycle.
→ Track analyses, providing insights into server utilization and costs, thereby resolving the procedural guideline ambiguities to streamline result generation.

New Product Introduction Transformation Services
→ Software and data infrastructure for product specification management, enabling fast and prompt communication and collaboration among geographically disparate teams.

New Product Introduction Transformation Services
→ Integrated validation framework from Design to Validation phase of the semiconductor life cycle.
→ Data analytics software and services
→ Multisite framework for high volume validation and analysis.

Factory Automation

→ Production Analytics and Yield Management Systems

Sales Enabling Infrastructure
→ Product Selection, Evaluation and Integration Tools

Test Automation Workflow
→ Create driver functions for hardware control by utilizing the extensive instrument libraries available in Python.
→ Design modules to measure parameters as the data obtained were either numeric or waveform based.
→ Identify the areas of repetitive validation work and developed reusables that could easily replace this in an optimized way.
→ Crafting Data Loggers that could perform live data logging and detailed logging.

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Enterprise Scale Platforms & Framework Development

Enterprise-wide Automation Validation Framework for Pre- and Post-Silicon Tests
→ Silicon Bring-up within 24 hours, facilitating a sample shipment to the customer.
→ 2X increase in test coverage,
→ Cost reductions attributed to a streamlined test development process and reduction in bench setup and teardown time.
→ Reduced new engineer onboarding time through effective standardization and UX-focussed tools.
→ Transformed data management systems for improved visibility across management and engineering teams.

Enterprise-wide Low-Code Standardized Interface
→ Efficiency improvement for bench validation, calculated by the engineering hours saved due to automated workflow improvement.
→ Test engineering time saved during product reuse.
→ Excellent return on investment within the very first year of adoption.
→ User onboarding time reduced to <2 weeks.

Post-Silicon Centralized Reliability Test Framework.
→ Wafer and package-level reliability test; Radiation, HTOL, ESD tests, etc

Reliability Test Framework Development for Wafer and Package-level; Radiation, HTOL, ESD tests, etc
→ Usage of station with fully automated job scheduling and remote access​.
→ Increased throughput through abstracted framework​.
→ Reuse of test scripts due to instant search and access to 1000s of test script​.
→ Reduction of station downtime through ​utilization & data insights for lab managers.

Enterprise Validation Infrastructure
→ Standardized test automation framework for use across the entire customer organization for post-silicon semiconductor validation workflows.

Test Reuse Across Silicon Product Engineering
→ Automation framework for increasing automation software reuse resulting in 3X increase in test coverage and 60% increase in productivity.

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Software Product Engineering

Lifecycle Analytics Platform
→ Product analytics platform spanning the entire semiconductor lifecycle through design, validation, and manufacturing.

Minimal to No-code Intuitive Measurement Application
→ Intuitive GUI for Configuration and Visualization​
→ GUI Customization for data visualization as per user's preferences​
→ Session comparison for the previously collected data

Scalable PMIC GUI Configuration for Application Engineering Teams
→ User-guided workflow for end-users, which drastically reduced assistance to less than 10%.
→ Initial product configuration and provide pre-built sample programs for a more robust testing.
→ Craft custom FSM solutions based on their individual use cases with starter templates and a graphical workflow, resulting in reduced efforts.
→ Instant access to GUI through web browser.
→ Reduced time, saving nearly 3-6 months of evaluation effort and increased sales by 35%.

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LabVIEW Development Services

⇒ Standardize & Modernize Test Infrastructure, Workflow Optimization & Product Software Engineering, leveraging a combination of skillsets from LabVIEW to Applied AI.

⇒ Microservices architecture, Actor Framework, and Object-Oriented Software Abstraction.

⇒ Enterprise Test & Measurement Software Frameworks and Tools, focused on enabling business outcomes in your Product Development Lifecycle.

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Python and .NET Development Services

Python Firmware and System Validation
→ Writing instrument drivers for debugging tools.
→ Creating device drivers to communicate with DUT
→ Revamping the entire python test framework at customer side with additional features which resulted in a variety of advantages.
→ Automating the frameworks to run regressions tests

Evaluation GUI Framework for EVMs using .NET
→ Significant time reduction in GUI development for new devices.
→ Flexible server-client architecture and easy-to-maintain code base.
→ Expanded device compatibility, supporting over 100+ devices.
→ Significant developer support reduction for end customers.

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Post Silicon Protocol Validation Solutions

ATE Class Protocol Validation on Bench
→ Test Parameter Compliance Corner cases, Faults, Glitches, and Communication Errors in a single suite with zero coding efforts.
→ Create custom tests and test sequences to test device-specific functionalities.
→ Reproduce failure cases quickly to speed up the debugging process.
→ Setup and start protocol validation in just 4 hours.
→ Enhance efficiency and productivity with the tool’s automation capabilities, with a faster release-to-market.
→ Detailed compliance report generation within hours.

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