Medical Devices, MedTech, and Healthcare-Related Offerings and Use Cases

Verification & Validation Automation Framework

⇒ Increase automation coverage by 15% without the need for programming language with user-intuitive drag and drop interface.

⇒ Verify any value/text field with higher accuracy through OCR-based text verification and out-of-the-box UI verification capabilities.

⇒ Light-weight alternative to resource-intensive UI automation tools for low-end devices and operating systems.

⇒ Interface hardware and software simulators and emulators.

⇒ Import existing LabVIEW or Python code modules and test plugins.

⇒ Customize and integrate with your V&V workflow applications nullifying redundancy and increasing saving by 30%.

Medical Data Centralization, Standardization and Visualization

⇒ Digitize and streamline data for numerous workflows and processes.

⇒ Generate analytical reports for better insights and understanding into the data.

R&D Workflow Automation

⇒ Cutting edge framework-based software platform for rapid measurement and process experiment of data.

⇒ Minimal to no programming with rapid test solution.

⇒ Comprehensive data platforms for effective decisions and insights.

Data Engineering from Product Specification to Production

⇒ Including Spec Compliance and Enterprise Data Management

⇒ Application integration through Cloud Engineering.

⇒ Scalable applications built through Microservices architecture, Agile methodology and DevOps.

⇒ Simplified data management, analysis and reporting.

Centralized Data Management Platform

⇒ Collect data, centralize and standardize it for advanced analytics and reporting.​​

⇒ Synchronize with a real-time system​.

⇒ Multiple edge and central Cloud deployment.

⇒ Improve productivity and enhanced workflow with lesser people to manage processes and data.

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