Soliton’s first LabVIEW Champion


Soliton has always encouraged its people to learn and grow. ‘Grow and Help Grow’ is what we believe in. Being the First National Instruments Alliance Member in India, we are surely proud of the long and successful collaboration over two decades with NI. In addition, Soliton has also been certified as the National Instruments Centre of Software Excellence, along with many other recognitions and accolades.  

Well now, we’ve just added a new feather to our cap - a LabVIEW Champion! Meet Navin Subramani, Solutions Architect and Key Accounts Manager, Soliton’s youngest LabVIEW Architect, and  first LabVIEW Champion.

Who is a LabVIEW Champion? 

NI defines its LabVIEW Champion as “a top tier NI Platform enthusiast who has been recognized by NI for their exceptional application development, technical depth and breadth, and leadership and contributions to the LabVIEW community.” NI records nearly 100+ recipients of the title until this day. 


The Purpose 

NI commenced this program to “reach out to and thank outstanding community members for their participation and willingness to help others in these communities”. Shortlisted through applications citing their accomplishments and community contributions, the title is meant for LabVIEW enthusiasts who not just make a positive contribution to the LabVIEW user community, but also provide valuable critic feedback to make LabVIEW easier and more powerful for its users.  


Meet Soliton’s first LabVIEW Champion 

It was a tinge of inspiration from other LabVIEW Champions that made Navin apply for the LabVIEW Champion. Being a person who has always been fond of giving back to the community, he has fostered the use of LabVIEW across various user communities- in organizations, colleges, programming events, and blogs.  

Navin actively works in training engineers to increase their LabVIEW expertise in software programming, LabVIEW certifications and contributing to the LabVIEW userbase to break the G programming barrier. 

He believes the LabVIEW Champion recognition has provided the right platform to leverage and stretch his community reach. This could be to either help or nurture students, teams, or companies in realizing their goals faster through NI Technology! 


The Soliton Expertise 

Soliton has a strong technical team that it has nurtured over the years. With around 25 Certified LabVIEW Architects, (an NI certification that demonstrates mastery in understanding technical requirements, architecting a LabVIEW program) and around 10 Certified TestStand Architects (an NI certification that demonstrates mastery of the TestStand environment, including user interface design and advanced TestStand Engine customization), Soliton has multidisciplinary engineering teams working together to complete complex system engineering projects in design validation automation software consulting and standardization services for semiconductor companies, delivering a niche set of capabilities in solving problems for a globally spread customer base. With all that said, we always believe that the best is yet to come! 

Written by

Arundhathy S

Sep 28, 2021