Soliton Day 2024

Celebrating 26 Years of Excellence

In commemorating our 26th anniversary, Soliton proudly reflects on a year of unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence. This milestone embodies the resilience, dedication, and positivity that define our relationships with cherished customers and the Soliton family.

Our journey has been marked by challenges and triumphs, highs and lows—all navigated with a steadfast spirit. Together, we embraced the essence of Soliton, finding unity amidst diverse experiences. The celebration of Soliton Day was nothing short of spectacular, as Solitons from various geographies converged at Le Méridien, Coimbatore.

Join us in reliving this extraordinary day filled with dance, music, and exuberance as we highlight the moments of our spectacular 26th-anniversary celebration.


Date: 6th January, 2024
Place: Le Méridien, Coimbatore

Soliton Group Photo

Event Highlights

Arjun Speech

Rewind and Look Forward with Arjun

Arjun Sathiyaseelan, our CEO, navigated us through the year's journey. Uncovering purpose, values, and recapping our Soliton odyssey, he set the stage for the phenomenal year ahead.

CSR Partners Roundtable

An impactful session led by Sandeep Emmanuel from Flatfish, along with Satish Manchikanti from U&I, and Thanigaivelan S K from Victory Sports Foundation immersed us in inspiring journeys that ignited the spark of service, highlighting Soliton's remarkable role in their lives which transformed them into beacons of change.

CSR Partners Roundtable
Leadership Unfiltered

Leadership Unfiltered

Our leadership team took the stage, answering Solitons' questions from the heart. They shared their heartfelt experiences, both professional and personal, over their distinguished careers.

1 Lakh Kilometer Celebration

The Spartans team triumphantly celebrated conquering the seemingly impossible 1 Lakh km milestone. They shared insights into their vision for the upcoming year, filled with new challenges.

1 Lakh km Celebration
Soul Talk

Soul Talk

Suriya took a moment to share his heart, inspiring fellow Solitons with profound thoughts and reflections about life.

Experience Sharing by Our 2022 Batch

Our 2022 batch shared their memorable start to the professional journey, reflecting on experiences that shaped their paths at Soliton.

Experience Sharing by Our 2022 Batch

Fun Awards

Each Soliton brought something iconic to the table, and it's time to recognize them with unique awards under various categories, voted by us.

Gather, Grin, and Groove

The most exhilarating event of the day unfolded as Solitons showcased their talents with electrifying dance, songs, and skits, turning the venue into a spectacle of creativity.

As we collectively turn the page to the next chapter of Soliton’s extraordinary journey, we look back with pride and forward with anticipation. Thank you for being a part of our journey,