Test Automation Platform for Semiconductor Validation

As the semiconductor industry moves towards shortened developed cycles with higher levels of complexity and integration, tools that allow designers to mix and match IP are becoming standard in the design and verification processes. However, the tools used in post-silicon validation are typically fragmented across groups because validation teams have typically developed their own software frameworks specialized for their needs. With more integration of IPs on the same chip, previously distinct validation teams are having to work with each other, but with very different tools which are not ideal.

Semiconductor Integrated Validation Architecture Framework

Soliton offers a standardized automation framework for semiconductor validation that provides the following benefits:

  • Maximum Automation - High level of automation for maximum development and data collection productivity
  • High Reuse - Standardization that promotes the reuse of software assets across teams
  • Reliable Support - Framework managed and supported by a small team more efficiently - adding drivers, upgrading to newer underlying software versions, etc.
  • Easy Onboarding - Easy migration of engineers across teams and easy onboarding of new engineers to the validation activity using well developed training materials

The design and implementation of such frameworks require a unique set of skill sets, that are typically not core to semiconductor companies. Soliton has specialized for more than a decade in designing, developing, implementing and supporting such frameworks in the world’s leading semiconductor companies. Leveraging this unique and unmatched experience and expertise, Soliton has developed a framework called SIVA that can be deployed in a semiconductor company within 6 months.


Soliton’s Integrated Validation Architecture (SIVA) is a ready-to-deploy enterprise automation framework for semiconductor post-silicon validation & characterization. SIVA allows its users to focus on their validation tasks and not have to do any heavy lifting when it comes to developing their automation software. Soliton guarantees that an organization that adopts SIVA will realize quantifiable productivity gains of at least 30% within 6 months of deployment.

SIVA - The Big Picture

    here is how to standardize post silicon validation process across the organization

What SIVA offers out of the box

  • For Validation Engineers

    • Performance optimized framework that works out of the box
    • Interactive Register map Peek & Poke
    • DUT communication with zero coding
    • Intuitive parameter iteration handling
    • Real time data visualization and debugging
    • Efficient data management and automated compliance report generation
    • Keep pace with and leverage new developments in software technologies
  • For Organization

    • Standardization across the organization
    • Reduce time to market through higher re-use of quality code modules
    • Increased engineer productivity & test coverage
    • Quicker engineer onboarding through standard training modules
    • Minimal framework maintenance & support overheads
    • Continuous feature addition & capability improvements
    • Reduced need for in-house software expertise