Saving Protocol Validation Time without compromising Results 

A highly esteemed and globally recognized company in the semiconductor industry relied on an internally developed tool for validating the I3C protocol in one of their product lines. However, despite using an in-house solution, the tool fell short in encompassing all necessary aspects and proved time-consuming to develop new features and perform validation as per requirements. In today’s fast-paced market where time is of the essence, a tool which saves time without compromising results was needed. 


Insufficient coverage of features in the in-house built tool posed a significant pain point when conducting comprehensive I3C validation. 

Conducting I3C validation for a single temperature using the tool took approximately 4 hours. 

The in-house tool could only reach as low as 40ns of rise and fall time which was not sufficient to conduct certain validation.  

Bit-by-bit programming was necessary to generate a digital waveform pattern. As a result, a significant amount of time was dedicated to generating the desired patterns. 

PVS Solution

Soliton’s I3C Protocol Validation Solution, an out-of-the-box tool, helped them cover 100% of their validation test cases. 

Only 36 minutes was taken by the PVS tool to conduct I3C validation for a single temperature, significantly reducing the time required to conduct tests by approximately 85%. 

The PVS tool achieved a minimum setup for rise and fall time of 5ns, surpassing the earlier tool’s limitation of 40ns. Hence, increasing the array of validations. 

With the PVS I3C tool’s user-friendly interface, by only inputting the desired parameters, generating digital waveform patterns became much easier without any programming.  

The Soliton Protocol Validation Solution for I3C received positive feedback and appreciation from users. The user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) eased efficient setup and execution of validations. Additionally, our commitment to customer support and responsiveness led to a high customer satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10, attributed to our efforts in promptly addressing customer requests and inquiries. 

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