Sales Enabling

User analytics driven sales enablement tools for
faster product selection, evaluation, and integration‚Äč

We work with your product, marketing and sales teams to deliver a great customer experience across the sales cycle right from product selection, IC evaluation, and product integration. Our solutions focus on reducing the time to revenue from the time product is released to market. They also enable user analytics based decision making to strategize the selling process.


Product Selection Tools

Apart from the normal selection filter with parameters, Soliton develops web based system design tools for visitors to easily configure the system and select more than one chip for their product.

Product Evaluation Tools

- Intuitive user-flow that engages users from unboxing through complete evaluation.
- Remote evaluation framework that eliminates the wait time and dead inventory to quickly take the user to the product integration or buying stages

Product Integration Tools

- Soliton develops interactive IDEs for end-user to build applications.
- Avoids the need to learn programming languages and eliminating the necessity from apps team to build the product.

Sales Enabling Infrastructure

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