Protocol Validation turned from Night to Day

A well-known semiconductor company with a global presence needed to validate I2C compliance for their silicon chip design. Initially, they developed an in-house tool to fulfill this need, but it proved inadequate as it lacked robustness and did not cover all essential areas for comprehensive and effective validation. Consequently, they looked for a dependable and reliable tool that could not only conduct thorough validation but also cater to their specific requirements and go beyond in its capabilities.



A well-known semiconductor company like this is not new to such validation processes and the tedious and endless hours put in to conduct effective validation. Spending time and developing an in-house tool to help in validation process may help in conducting a few sets of validation processes but even so often required refactoring. And on top of all developing such tools is not the primary job for a validation engineer. To even start validation, the company had to spend a minimum of 3 months to set up a validation bench and an expert engineer to develop a solution. For a company that researches and designs large numbers of new silicon chips often, this solution was not workable.

Discover how Soliton's Protocol Validation Solutions helped them overcome their challenges