Protocol Analyzer Solutions

Simplified Protocol Analysis for System Level Debug and Validation

Traditional logic analyzers and oscilloscope-based analyzers come with significant limitations, such as a lack of electrical measurements, dependency on proprietary hardware, and inadequate report generation, waveform logging, and API capabilities. These tools often require dedicated hardware for each protocol and incur high costs.

Soliton Protocol Analyzer addresses these pain points with a comprehensive suite of software tools designed to decode, analyze, and debug digital protocol interfaces. The software decodes packet information, measures electrical parameters, and facilitates communication analysis between Controller and Target devices. Compatible with any automatable oscilloscope, it integrates seamlessly into existing frameworks using automation DLLs, providing a scalable and cost-effective solution for robust protocol validation.

Protocols Supported


I2C     |     MIPI I3C®     |     SPI


Why Soliton’s Protocol Analyzer?

  • Easily verify semiconductor device communication in a system with Protocol Analyzer for MIPI I3C and I2C, and run it with InstrumentStudio.
  • Leverage NI’s high-performance PXI Oscilloscope or simple USB Oscilloscopes to measure electrical parameters.
  • Quickly decode and annotate the captured protocol waveform and give an insightful presentation.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Semiconductor Device Control for interactive register read & write.
  • Automate with APIs using TestStand Sequencing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Traditional Protocol Analyzer and Soliton’s Protocol Analyzer?

Compared to the traditional analyzers, Soliton’s protocol analyzer can measure AC and DC parameters of the protocol waveform besides data decoding. It also has additional features like logging the waveform and analyzed data to reports.

What is the difference between a Protocol Validation Solution and a Protocol Analyzer?

Protocol Validation Solution helps in emulating Controller or Target devices in the bus to performing the parametric and functional validation of digital interfaces whereas the Protocol Analyzer is a sniffer that can capture and decode the protocol transactions/traffic in the bus for debugging purposes.

Can the Protocol Analyzer work with my existing oscilloscope or hardware in my lab?

Certainly yes. If your hardware can communicate with a PC through APIs or commands and send the captured waveform, we can integrate it into the Protocol Analyzer software.

Does all protocol decoding happen with a single hardware setup?

Yes, all protocol decoding is accomplished with a single hardware setup.

Can the software perform electrical parameter measurements?

Yes, the software can measure electrical parameters and verify whether they are within specified limits.

What license models are available for the Protocol Analyzer/Decoder?

We offer a 1-year subscription model for the Protocol Analyzer/Decoder, providing a flexible and cost-effectiveness solution for your validation needs.

What is the lead time for the Protocol Analyzer/Decoder?

The lead time for the Protocol Validation Suite is 1 week post-procurement.