Soliton announces scholarship on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee

Bangalore, India January 10, 2023

Soliton Technologies, a Coimbatore based high technology company specializing in automation software for the semiconductor, medical equipment, and manufacturing industries, completed its 25th year on December 18, 2022. In conjunction with its silver jubilee anniversary Soliton is announcing an annual scholarship that will identify and enable 25 unconventionally creative and motivated school students to study engineering.  

Today, we have a problem of board exams or entrance exams deciding the fate of who gets the chance to get an engineering education in the colleges in India. To do well enough in these exams, many talented students spend years in coaching centers learning to solve textbook problems quickly. In the process they give up all other creative pursuits and their passion to learn by building things.  

The skills that we need students to develop are very different. Instead of years spent learning to solve tricky problems that have well-defined answers, it is about working in uncertain situations to solve a problem along with a team. This requires communication, presentation, teamwork, coordination, project management, risk management, and leadership skills. It is never too early to learn these skills, and the more time students spend in activities that help them develop such skills, the more bold, innovative, and more successful professionals they will become.  

Over the past 25 years, Soliton has been successfully hiring talented engineering graduates from the colleges in Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu, training them in high technology areas and giving them a stage to create and provide innovative solutions to leading global companies for their challenging problems. Soliton’s engineers have won numerous international technical awards for their innovative solutions.  

As Soliton’s and other companies’ need for talented engineers continues to grow, we are taking an important step to help increase the pool of high-quality engineers that graduate every year. As a part of its silver jubilee anniversary, Soliton is instituting a scholarship program to identify 25 school students annually, who are passionate about pursuing engineering education, and support them through their undergraduate degree program. These students may or may not get the high marks required for admission into the good engineering colleges via the normal route, but Soliton through this scholarship program plans to develop evaluation methods and programs to identify the unconventional students who will become highly original and productive engineers and scientists.  

Today we have cricket leagues at all levels to uncover cricket talent throughout the country, we have Super Signer like programs to uncover singing talent, but to uncover scientific / engineering talent, we have only exams which is a narrow approach to uncovering engineering talent. Even worse, the emphasis we place as a society on these exams is limiting the holistic development of our young people.   

Through our scholarship program, while we hope to, we may not find another Srinivasa Ramanujan, but we are looking for students in this mold. They will show a very high degree of passion and ability for the subjects that they are interested in and may even fail in the others. But through the right counseling and support, we want to take such students into good institutions and learning environments and enable them to get the education that they deserve and go on to become highly productive engineers and scientists.  

This program initially intends to cover students within the city and state limits. Once we consistently find and graduate 25 exceptional engineers left behind by our existing system, we will take our program across our country.  

Soliton extends a warm invitation to those schools & colleges that might be interested in partnering with us in this initiative. For enquiries, please write to [email protected] 

Media contact:
Ms. Ezhil Selvi K
Marketing Communications Manager
[email protected]