Peek-i-Mon - Enterprise Instrument Utilization Monitoring Solution

Peek-i-Mon is a breakthrough tool for monitoring and reporting on the utilization of Benchtop Instruments in a large organization. Peek-i-Mon can prepare and then assimilate utilization reports from thousands of connected PCs in the organization and give Lab Managers a handy, real-time view of utilization and idle hours versus Instrument Model and Serial number.

Benchtop Instruments in the labs are among the most expensive capital items held by technology companies. With the browser-accessible data from Peek-i-Mon, Lab Managers can make quick, objective, and easy-to-justify decisions on the redeployment of instruments to benches or labs and in many cases, remove the need to buy an expensive instrument or notify them when there is excess inventory.



The unique aspect of Peek-i-Mon is that it uses existing connectivity to instruments and is a one-stop solution for GPIB, USB and Ethernet instruments without the need to purchase any per-station monitoring equipment, provided GPIB instruments are connected through the National Instruments GPIB-USB-HS, which is the industry’s most popular choice for connectivity to these instruments. Peek-i-Mon only logs and reports on activity through these interface buses and not on instrument activity controlled through the front panel of the instruments.


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