Lab Management Made Efficient with Soliton's Instrument Monitor

Read on to learn how Soliton’s Instrument Utilization Monitor cam streamline lab management by tracking and optimizing instrument usage across multiple locations, with its key features, benefits and use cases.


In any industry, engineering laboratories and R&D Centers encompass a wide range of instruments and devices. Typically, when in need, engineers request specific instruments from lab managers, who then allocate and manage these instruments.  

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Customer’s Context

In expansive labs and enterprise divisions housing multiple units and teams, each equipped with numerous instruments spread across different locations, the task of managing and monitoring instrument availability becomes a prevalent and formidable challenge. 

Ensuring the instruments' utilization and pinpointing their whereabouts proves difficult even when they lie dormant or underutilized. As a result, lab managers often struggle to allocate resources efficiently, impacting operational efficiency and disrupting workflow progression within the pipeline. 

Devising and Implementing the Solution

The challenges mentioned above and the pain points associated with managing instrument utilization led Soliton to conceptualize the need for a solution, the Instrument Utilization Monitor Tool.  

This tool, designed as a web solution, empowered customers to manage their instrument utilization. It also allowed them to analyze the availability of instruments within their location and identify underutilized units for allocation to test engineers, enabling customers to derive insights from the utilization and allocate resources accordingly. 

1Peekimon Architecture

The solution tracks utilization from multiple client stations, potentially deployed across different locations or geographies. These stations monitor the utilization of instruments and periodically transmit the data to a central server via the node server, where it is stored in a database. Furthermore, a web interface is hosted to provide users with access to the collected data. This interface offers visualization, filtering, inventory management, reporting, and other essential functionalities, all aimed at enhancing workflow efficiency and minimizing disruptions in the process. 

Key Features 

  • Utilization Monitoring and Reporting: 

Gain insights into instrument usage across the organization, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing productivity. 

  • Intuitive Web Interface: 

Easily access utilization data, configure work schedules, and analyze usage patterns through a user-friendly web interface, empowering efficient decision-making. 

  • Comprehensive Reports: 

Generate detailed reports on instrument usage, enabling informed decision-making and resource optimization. 

  • Seamless Data Import and Export: 

Effortlessly import instrument data and export utilization reports in CSV format, streamlining data management processes. 

  • Automated Notifications: 

Stay informed with automatic email notifications about instrument status and scheduled reports, ensuring timely updates for effective management. 

  • Auto Registration of Instruments: 

Simplify instrument management with automated registration of compliant instruments, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

  • Versatile Connectivity Options: 

Benefit from a unified monitoring solution supporting various connectivity options like GPIB, USB, and Ethernet, enabling seamless integration with existing instrument setups. 

  • Non-intrusive Monitoring: 

Monitor instrument usage without additional hardware, leveraging only software installed on client stations, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. 

Benefits of the Tool 


Benefits of the Instrument Utilization Monitor Tool 

Use Cases 

With the tool offering versatile applications and use cases, organizations and laboratories could leverage this solution across various scenarios to: 

  • Make informed decisions on purchasing or reallocating instruments, optimizing investment for enhanced efficiency. 
  • Tailor lab size based on equipment usage trends, maximizing resource allocation and productivity. 
  • Increase instrument utilization by facilitating sharing among teams and departments.   
  • Optimize energy consumption by automating AC operations according to utilization patterns, reducing costs and environmental impact. 


From tracking instrument availability to empowering informed decisions, Soliton’s Instrument Utilization Monitor tool maximizes resources, simplifies decision-making, and ensures the tests and processes progress without disruptions, making it an ultimate solution for efficient lab management. 

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