Pre - Sales Solutions Architect

About Soliton:
Soliton Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a high-technology software company headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Soliton works with global companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500, across industries including Semiconductors, Medical Devices, Automotive, Industry 4.0, and Robotics to help them increase their competitiveness and release great products through Software Engineering Services.

Soliton Technologies has once again been certified as a Great Place to Work® in the Mid-Sized Organizations Category, recognized & issued by the Great Place to Work® Institute, India. This certification acknowledges Soliton’s belief in continuously & constantly raising its standards to deliver an excellent experience for all and in creating a conducive environment for people to thrive.. 


Strategic Skills:

  • Informed Decision Making: Maintain a balanced viewpoint, making decisions that harmonize optimism and pessimism to serve both business and technical aspects in presales scenarios.
  • Solution Development: Create high-level solution designs in the early stages of customer engagement, iterating to ensure they effectively address customer needs and challenges.
  • Value Articulation: Clearly and persuasively articulate the unique value of our offerings and solutions to clients.
  • Competitive Analysis: Conduct comprehensive competitive analyses, evaluating options to inform strategic decisions.
  • ROI Analysis: Proficiently execute ROI and cost-benefit analyses for our solutions and proposals.
  • Strategic Planning: Develop short-term and multi-year plans aligned with business objectives and customer success.
  • Estimation Expertise: Provide accurate estimations for both short and long-term projects and solutions.
  • Trust Building: Establish trust with clients through your expertise and interactions, positioning yourself as a trusted advisor.
  • Adaptability: Confidently explore options in ambiguous situations, encompassing both technical and business aspects, and customize solutions based on market insights to align with customer needs.

Technical Skills:

  • Domain Expertise: Demonstrate a deep understanding of industry domains (e.g., Semi, Medical, Automotive).
  • Technology Mastery: Exhibit comprehensive knowledge of diverse technologies, including WebTech, Data & Enterprise Applications, Test Automation and cloud solutions.
  • Technology Evaluation: Assess the value of technology choices within our solutions and collaborate with experts to fill knowledge gaps.
  • Solution Architecture: Create solution architectures with minimal information, iteratively refining them to align with business needs.
  • Creative Problem Solving: Break down complex problems and propose technically sound solutions with multiple options, unburdened by constraints.
  • Innovation: Remain open to experimenting with novel approaches and technologies to enhance our solutions, staying updated on industry trends, competitor offerings, and market dynamics.

Foundational Skills:

  • Effective Communication: Interact confidently with customers, colleagues, stakeholders, and architects, conveying ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences through compelling narratives.
  • Task Management: Plan and execute tasks to achieve optimal outcomes within specified timelines, adhering to principles akin to the "One Minute Manager."
  • Project Facilitation: Excel in guiding productive discussions and meetings with both internal and external stakeholders, efficiently managing conflicts and divergent opinions.
  • Resource Management: Proficiently manage multiple projects, ensuring work quality and prioritizing tasks effectively to meet deadlines and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Problem Solving: Identify potential project challenges and propose mitigation strategies, demonstrating resourcefulness when faced with unexpected obstacles.
  • Influence and Improvement: Possess the ability to influence decisions, guide stakeholders toward optimal solutions, and proactively seek to improve processes and offerings based on customer feedback.


  • The minimum academic qualification is a bachelor’s degree in engineering with 7+ years of experience.

Additional Details:

  • Remote or Hybrid work model, flexible to work from office (Bangalore/Coimbatore), in case of business requirements

For more information, visit and Refer: Impact Report.