Plexus - IC Evaluation GUI Framework

We partner with semiconductor Application Engineering teams to transform their customers' IC Evaluation experience from time-consuming, product-centric, support-intensive to time-efficient, user-centric, and sales-driven


(For Small Teams)

   No coding required

   Supports I2C, I3C with FTDI (Extensible)

   Enables faster chip release to market

   Supports 8/16/32 bit register map

   Integrated Collateral (Datasheets, User Guides, Training Videos)

(For Large Teams)

   All of Plexus Lite

   Built-in Remote Evaluation

   Advanced data visualization and charts

   20+ Modern UI widgets library

   Template pages for faster development

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Increase productivity and Improve users' learning curve

Integrate datasheet, hardware setup video and user manual with the GUI

Getting started user flow for new users to immediately ramp up on the Device functions

Register map control and scripting feature to provide complete flexibility for advanced users

Make your device the best fit for your customer's product

Educative user flow for key features of the device to differentiate from the competition.

Solution driven evaluation experience for easy decision making

Integration of reference design to sell associate devices in a typical application

Remote connectivity and offline IC Evaluation

Field engineers need not travel with a full hardware kit to demo the product

Customers can evaluate multiple variants of devices without buying an IC Evaluation kit

Tap potentials from the long tail of customers without any marketing efforts

Feel the transformational experience you can offer to your customers


Developed using a cumulative experience of over a decade in releasing customer IC evaluation GUIs to the semiconductor market

Can be customized for your organization’s branding colors and logo

Integration service for various microcontrollers and digital protocols

Built-in with Industry-first features like remote evaluation, cross-platform support


Provide cross-functional team which brings domain, embedded, and software expertise under one roof to make the requirement definition easier

Deliver detailed interactive mockup before you put your full investment for the GUI

Execution model that is evolved over many years of GUI release to market with high quality and agile process to achieve 100% customer satisfaction


Why plexus?

Evaluation GUIs built with Plexus can serve as a powerful marketing tool to showcase the capabilities of your chip and reduce the lead time to market. The framework comes built-in with all the essential features like register map page, datasheet and collaterals integration, video guide integration, remote connectivity, and support for all standard communication protocols like I2C, SPI, UART. Further to top it, GUIs can be accessed through a browser with zero installation time

What is Plexus Lite?

Plexus Lite is a lighter version of Plexus. It's an Easy GUI Builder platform (with no coding) for Application Engineering Teams in the semiconductor industry which enables them to create modern looking GUIs within minutes

Who can use Plexus or Plexus Lite?

Mixed Signal companies who require customer-facing GUIs for their ICs. Application Engineering teams looking to provide a seamless evaluation experience for customers. Product & Marketing Teams targeting the mass market and need intuitive experience during the evaluation of IC

What are typical digital interfaces we support?

The most common interfaces include I2C, SPI, and UART. The framework is designed to extend support for any standard or custom interface module like MSP430 and also for communication protocols like PMBUS, SMBUS, I3C, etc.

What type of semiconductor devices can be integrated with Plexus?

The framework will support GUI development for most of the mixed signal devices. This includes, ADC, DAC, PMIC, LED Driver, Motor Driver, Power Interfaces, Battery management devices, Power controllers, Signal generators, Audio amplifiers, Power switches, etc. The framework can also support signal processing integration to capture FFT, SNR, etc. Type of measurements. Graphs can be integrated with the tool for intuitive display of the data during evaluation.

What is the key purpose of the tool?

Provide the user with a software tool to configure the semiconductor register map. It simplifies the user’s evaluation process to look through various documentation like datasheets, schematics, or lengthy user guides. Critical information for register configuration can be intuitively displayed in the GUI.

Why remote connectivity is important?

Field application engineers typically meet customers to showcase product offerings and not all the time they will have a hardware setup to demonstrate the product. The framework provides remote connectivity features so the FAE can remotely connect to set up in the lab and give a demo to the customers without the need to carry the hardware. Also, the GUI link can be shared with the customer for them to evaluate the device without the wait for the evaluation board to arrive at their site.

What technologies do we support?

Plexus is a web-based GUI development framework, built using the Angular framework and backed by the latest web stack for its dependencies (HTML5, SCSS, d3, plotly). If you are interested in a solution with other technologies, please reach out to us through "Request Prototype" action in the above section to discuss further