Next Generation Evaluation Board GUI Platform

Transform your Evaluation Board User Interfaces into powerful marketing tools!

Next Generation Semiconductor Evaluation GUIs

Plexus Framework
Reduce dependency on Field Application Engineers
Plexus Framework
GUIs can be powerful marketing tools
Plexus Framework
Remote Hardware Connectivity

Evaluation GUIs are a user’s first medium of interface with your semiconductor device. Soliton, with over a decade of experience in the semiconductor software space, offers a unique web-based GUI development service that transforms the customer’s evaluation experience and greatly reduces the dependence on a Field Applications Engineer.

With Plexus, an indigenously developed GUI framework, Soliton leverages the latest web technologies & UI/UX design principles to build aesthetically appealing and feature-rich semiconductor evaluation GUIs/Apps.

Evaluation GUIs developed by Soliton using Plexus

  • Are Feature-rich - Integrated instructional videos and user forums enable easy use and allow semiconductor companies and distributors to reach more users with less support.
  • Offer immediate remote access - Customers can run the GUI on a browser to access a hardware device in a remote location and explore the device before ordering the evaluation kit.
  • Have short development time due to the framework that allows easy GUI development.
  • App Engineers can build their own evaluation GUIs using a simple drag and drop interface.


  • Business

    • Better chance of sale/order conversion due to enhanced evaluation experience
    • No additional cost to make Evaluation GUIs available on the Web
    • Reach large number of customers with minimal support from FAEs
    • Large no of customer with minimal support from FAE
    • Gain valuable insights on features of interest from user’s activity on the Web GUI
  • End User

    • Intuitive user interface
    • Less reliance on phone or in person support
    • Ability to preview the features before ordering the Evaluation Kit
    • Platform/Device Independent
For demo/queries, please contact [email protected].


  • UI/UX expertise in building Engineers Apps.
  • 10 years of experience building GUI for Evaluation Boards.
  • 30+ engineers with a blend of software and electrical engineering skills.
  • 10+ years of experience developing automation solutions for the semiconductor industry.
  • Strong expertise in traditional technologies stack such as LabVIEW, C#.