Enterprise-wide Automation Framework for Post-Silicon Validation

In this case study, discover how Soliton addressed the challenges faced by a semiconductor firm in standardizing post-silicon validation procedures by developing an enterprise validation automation framework, resulting in enhanced efficiency, doubled test coverage, and other significant benefits across the customer’s enterprise.

In engineering processes characterized by multiple product lines and diverse teams of engineers across geographies, the challenge often lies in standardizing the procedures when working towards a comprehensive outcome. This scenario is equally applicable to post-silicon validation, where varied metrics and non-standardized procedures can lead to fragmented data and, subsequently, unnoticed efforts and the potential for redundant reinventions. 

Absence of a Standardized Framework

Absence of a Standardized Framework

In this specific case , the absence of a standardized framework resulted in duplicated code modules and increased manual operations by engineers and their teams. Moreover, significant hurdles in terms of data sharing and insights on a broader scale were also evident. This resulted in consequences such as loss of efficiency and an extended time-to-market.

Customer's Initiative

This similar situation prompted our customers, a distinguished semiconductor firm, to seek a centralized solution addressing the inefficiencies and complexities ingrained in their product lifecycle management. Though they had disparate solutions, the challenge lay in integrating the separate processes without disrupting the process flow.

To figure out a way to foster a solution and facilitate this mission, and they needed a trusted partner to help them.

Customer's Initiative:
Soliton's Involvement

Soliton's Involvement

With a legacy spanning more than 25 years in Software Engineering and Semiconductor Test and Measurement, Soliton emerged as the ideal match to help the customer with the solution. By integrating instrumentation proficiency, software expertise, and domain knowledge, we aligned seamlessly with customer needs.

The Collaborative Solution

Upon collaborating with the customer, the resolution was to develop a centralized automation solution where engineers from disparate teams could share, collaborate, utilize reusables, and even build upon existing solutions.    

The approach involved consolidating the fragmented solutions for multiple processes into a single framework in a software platform featuring an interactive GUI for Si bring-ups and real-time dashboards tailored through the product development lifecycle.   

An Outline of the Solution

This enterprise validation automation framework was later adopted by several users. The framework encompassed a range of features and coverages, from specification definition to data analysis, a one-click software setup, and enabling community collaboration with an interactive, intuitive, and easy-to-use application.     

Impact Delivered with the Collaboration


The collaborative effort with Soliton resulted in transformative outcomes for the customer, including: 

  • Enhanced Efficiency   

Achieved Silicon Bring-up within 24 hours, facilitating a remarkable 3rd-day sample shipment to the customer. 

  • Doubled Test Coverage   

The customer witnessed a 2X increase in test coverage, ensuring a more comprehensive and rigorous evaluation.  

  • Significant Cost Savings   

Cost reductions of 30-40%, attributed to a streamlined test development process, optimized utilization of instrumentation and benches, and a notable reduction in bench setup and teardown time, were evident.  

  • Accelerated Onboarding   

Reduced new engineer onboarding time through effective standardization and implementing user-experience-focused tools. 

  • Enhanced Visibility   

Transformed data management systems for improved visibility across management and engineering teams, facilitating more informed decision-making and collaboration.  


This collaborative endeavor focussed on automation and standardization yielded a robust automation software solution with reusable available for different processes. This yielded remarkable enhancements in productivity, efficiency, quality and reduced overall time, addressing the multifaceted aspects of the product development life cycle and significantly impacting the entirety of their enterprise.

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