Enhancing MIPI I3C® Compliance Testing with PVS

A leading semiconductor firm encountered a significant testing challenge while implementing MIPI I3C® protocol In-Band Interrupts (IBI) every 50 milliseconds. Explore how Soliton’s PVS emerged as the instrumental solution, ensuring seamless protocol compliance testing with out-of-the-box functionalities and robust custom test creation capabilities. 

A prominent semiconductor firm was developing a sensor product for a device. This sensor would send data to the controller continuously every 50 milliseconds (ms) For this to play out effectively, the customer leveraged the MIPI I3C® protocol’s “In-Band Interrupts”, which helped the sensor interrupt the controller and send the data to it every 50ms. 


The Hurdle Faced by the Customer

The challenge for the customer is that they needed a tool which can emulate the controller and accurately test the sensors for protocol compliance. They wanted the tool to support handling of In-Band Interrupts, read data from the IBI requests at a 50ms rate, compare the received data against the pre-configured limits and validate the results.

Discover how Soliton's Protocol Validation Solution helped them overcome their challenges.