Developing a Comprehensive Framework for Seamless IIoT Systems Management

Delve into this case study that explores Soliton’s contribution to developing a desktop application and highlights key features of the framework used to build the application, showcasing a successful collaboration and advancing the landscape of industrial IIoT system management.

The rapid evolution of technology has propelled industries towards increased efficiency and automation. In this era of Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) stands out as a pivotal force, revolutionizing the way industries operate through seamless connectivity, real-time data, and automated processes.    

In this industrial terrain, where every sensor and data point needs to be harnessed, the requisite for a sophisticated solution capable of handling and simplifying the expansive IIoT infrastructure becomes imperative. Such a solution empowers users and engineers to enhance interactions with IIoT sensors and modernize the processes. 

The Customer’s Vision

The Customer’s Vision

The customer, a prominent semiconductor company renowned for manufacturing and engaging with a wide array of sensors and devices, pictured the need for an IIoT platform. This platform ought to be engineered to integrate with the customer's sensors and software infrastructure; and also, aim to help end-users create custom IIoT systems on an industrial scale to meet their operational needs.

In pursuit of this vision, the client envisioned a comprehensive IIoT system that would be efficient and cost-effective, enabling end-users to customize with minimal to no code. This led to the conceptualization of a desktop application to oversee the IIoT system.

Soliton’s Contribution to the Solution

However, developing this resolution internally might consume valuable time and effort, necessitating the need for an external partner to help them conceptualize this solution.

Owing to our expertise, domain knowledge, trust, and a history of exemplary service in our previous collaborations, the customer chose Soliton to help craft the solution aligning precisely with their requirements.

Our aim was to spearhead the development of the application’s front-end element from scratch. This also included establishing certain components like the IIoT sensor configuration, the system view enablement and other integral features to the central desktop application.

Soliton’s Contribution to the Solution

Key Features of the Framework   


The solution developed by Soliton was a desktop application whose framework consisted of certain features like:   

  • Intuitive GUI for Configuration and Visualization    

The desktop application featured an intuitive graphical user interface, ensuring effortless configuration and visualization of data.   

  • Alarm Configuration and Notification with User-Configured Thresholds   

The application enabled the users to set personalized thresholds for alarms, receiving timely notifications when predefined limits are breached.   

  • Live Data Analysis with DSP Metrics   

The framework enabled real-time analysis of live data, providing valuable insights through Digital Signal Processing (DSP) metrics.   

  • Live Streaming from 20+ IIoT Nodes/Sensors   

Supporting the diverse IIoT ecosystem, the desktop application also seamlessly streamed data from over 20 nodes and sensors.   

  • GUI Customization for Data Visualization   

Users had the flexibility to customize the graphical interface, tailoring data visualization according to their preferences.   

  • Session Comparison for Previously Collected Data    

The application facilitates the comparison of current sessions with previously collected data, empowering users with historical insights.   

 The application also entailed certain notable attributes, such as a comprehensive architecture ensuring robust performance and responsiveness with continuous integration, managing and streamlining the essential processes. Additionally, the application encompassed rigorous testing protocols to ensure the reliability and optimal performance of the application.   


In the end, the customer’s collaborative effort with Soliton resulted in an application that not only met but exceeded the expectations of the customer and served the purpose of modern IIoT system management. This case study serves as a testament to the synergy between technology and industry, driving the next wave of innovation in the industrial landscape  

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