"Soliton was clearly
the best choice for
I2C Validation system."


Vesper Technologies, Inc. microphones hit the market early
thanks to Soliton’s I2C Compliance and Comprehensive
Validation Product.

“When Vesper added an I2C interface to our microphones, we knew that comprehensive validation of the interface would be critical to customers. We turned to Soliton and their I2C validation tool. Instead of spending months developing an in-house solution, we were up and running in a matter of days. The tool was easy to integrate with our existing test hardware and provides 100% spec coverage. Using the automation extensions provided, our final test setup requires minimal operator intervention to fully validate the I2C interface across a wide range of conditions.

Soliton was an excellent partner at all stages of the system development. The documentation was easy to read and very helpful. Their support team provided prompt responses to my questions, both via e-mail and online chat. We are very satisfied with the results and feel the Soliton I2C validation tool provides excellent value to our organization.”

Business Challenges

Ensuring product compliance

to I2C specification

Comprehensive validation
of the I2C interface

Functional, Electrical,
and Timing test coverages



Soliton Protocol Validation Solution for I2C Target offers an out of the box validation tool using the power
of the NI PXIe-657x modular ATE class instrument. The product validates device compliance with timing
and electrical specifications of the NXP I2C protocol.

Medical Devices Verification & Validation

Out of the Box product

Medical Devices Verification & Validation

Automation extensions provided for multiple
programming platforms to test across process corners

Medical Devices Verification & Validation

End-to-end support

Medical Devices Verification & Validation

Minimal operator intervention to validate
I2C interface across wide range of conditions

Business Outcomes

Reduced protocol validation time from few weeks to few hours

enabling faster release to market

100% Test Coverage – Win more customers with thorough

compliance testing!


Interactive Debugging

Comprehensive Test Reports

Easy to Integrate Automation

For digital protocol validation needs