Transforming Industrial Asset Monitoring System for Enhanced Performance and Scalability 

Read on to learn more about Soliton’s contribution to transforming a legacy industrial asset monitoring system for one of its customers. By upgrading to a modern, cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface, scalable code, and robust data handling, the customer was able to futureproof their processes, ensure operational excellence, and broaden their market reach. 

In power plants and large-scale industries, the seamless functioning of complex machines and instruments (such as generators and large motors) is vital to ensure continuous process flow. Malfunctioning or faults with these critical assets can result in significant operational disruptions, costly downtime, and even safety risks. This posed a crucial challenge for the engineers and powerplant operators.  

Customer's Answer to the Challenge

Our customer, a leader in delivering innovative solutions for heavy engineering industries and power plants, already had a solution to tackle this industrial challenge. The solution involved continuously monitoring and assessing the health of large equipment to prevent potential disruptions.

The system consisted of sensors attached to generators, motors, and other machinery. These sensors were configured to acquire the necessary data, which would then be analyzed by SMEs, Powerplant operators, and engineers for data insights and informed decision-making.

Future-Proofing Efficiency and Progress Through Strategic Upgrades   

While the existing solution was indeed effective, our customer recognized the opportunity to enhance and future-proof their system. They aimed to upgrade to a more novel technology stack to keep pace with the evolving landscape, making the system more scalable and functional.  

The transition to a modern, cloud-based solution was envisioned to provide remote access, seamless data collection, and enhanced analysis capabilities across multiple plants. A centralized repository and multi-platform compatibility would also significantly improve data collection and analysis.

This upgrade also aimed to accommodate a growing number of users, ensuring scalability and streamlined maintenance. Moreover, by upgrading the solution, our customer could venture into large markets, improve deployment efficiency, and support their evolving needs.  

Partnering with Soliton

Having previously collaborated with us on another successful engagement, the engineers working with our current customer appreciated our approach and capabilities. As a result, they recommended continuing the partnership with us to enhance further and support the solution.

Upgrading the Solution   

Upon discussing with the customer and understanding the end customer’s pain points, we suggested a comprehensive revamp of the existing solution with architectural upgrades and cloud-native design. This complete revamp envisioned an enterprise-level solution that would enable the engineers to manage a whole set of data for IoT devices using the cloud.   

We also delivered some key solutions to the end customer pain points that were closely related to the analysis phase of the solution. Some of the main areas where we contributed to were:   

Upgrading the Solution - Asset Health Monitoring


  • Latest Technology Stack: The new and enhanced solution was built using the latest technology stacks, enhancing the performance, functionality, and future scalability.    
  • Platform-Agnostic Dockerization: Dockerized services enabled deployment across diverse platforms, including cloud environments, for enhanced flexibility and scalability.   
  • User-Friendly Interface: One of the main highlights of the revamp was upgrading the user interface. This user-friendly UI enabled seamless navigation and interaction with the system for an intuitive and efficient overall user experience.   
  • Scalable Code Base: The upgraded code base laid the foundation for future development, accommodating evolving requirements and functionalities.   
  • Enhanced User Capacity: The solution was configurable to support an increased number of users, catering to organizations of all sizes and facilitating widespread adoption and collaboration. 
  • Comprehensive Chart Support: Supporting various charts, this enhanced solution provides rich data visualization and analysis capabilities, empowering users to make informed and data-driven decisions.   
  • High Volume Data Handling: The upgraded solution could now handle large volumes of data, ensuring robust performance even with excessive data inputs.


In our ongoing effort to innovate and address industry challenges and end-user pain points, we partnered with one of our customers to revamp their asset monitoring system. Our comprehensive solution incorporated cutting-edge technology and dockerized services for seamless cloud deployment. With broad device compatibility, user-friendly UI, and scalable code base, we’ve empowered our customers to monitor equipment health efficiently.    

Our longstanding partnership with our customers reflects mutual trust and dedication to solving industry pain points. As we continue to innovate, progress, and deliver results, we could anticipate further advancements, paving the way for future collaboration in upcoming project phases. 

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