Augmenting Robotic Arm Control through 3D Visualization

Discover Soliton’s contribution in upgrading a robotic arm control, resulting in multifaceted solutions that resulted in various enhancements, including intuitive 3D visualization, remote programming, and enhanced arm mobility. 

Robotic arms stand at the forefront of automation, from repetitive assembly lines to delicate surgical procedures. Notably, in cinematic innovation, robotic arms and other automated devices play a pivotal role in enhancing the traditional process to new heights.

Customer's Scenario

Our customer, an expert in cinematic robotics, possessed a fully functional robot with an arm-mounted camera that could be operated with the help of a joystick. This feature made them stand out from the rest of their competitors, who relied on conventional PCs to control the robot.

Despite being a forerunner in the field of cinematic innovation, this existing setup entailed certain setbacks related to the technical complexities, functioning, and features. These constraints prompted the pursuit of an upgrade that aimed to enhance the usability and augment the technical capabilities of the robotic arm.

Consequently, the client sought an ideal partner to address and overcome these challenges collaboratively.

Driving Innovation with Soliton

The customer partnered with Soliton to upgrade their robotic systems.

The initial idea was to design an intuitive, rich, and user-friendly web-based frontend UI to cater to the creative needs of end-users in the cinema industry. However, owing to our prompt frontend development, the customer also engaged Soliton to address architectural-level changes in the backend, ensuring a comprehensive enhancement of their robotic systems. Moreover, our backend team was also involved in research and exploration, suggesting upgrades and assuming complete ownership of development, culminating in the integration of critical software features.

Through our adept frontend development and the dedicated support of our engineering team in backend modifications, we successfully stabilized the project.

Robotic Camera Arm

Notable Features of the Resolution 

In response to the customer’s pain points, Soliton engineered a multifaceted solution by devising a controller application with resounding features. Some of the highlights of the solution were:  

  • Intuitive and Dynamic 3D Visualization 

Unlike the previous LabVIEW-based interface, this enhancement provided a real-time, intuitive 3D simulation for visualizing and configuring the robot movements as required. Moreover, the interactive UI synchronized with the robot’s movement, enabling the end-user to gauge the surroundings and property placements in a cinematic setup.  

  • Remote Programming Flexibility 

The upgraded frontend UI and the backend APIs, along with the 3D visualization, empowered end-users to test and configure the robot remotely. This eliminated the restraint on proximity during programming and operation, enabling efficient prototyping of camera movements. 

  • Versatile Robot Control Options 

In addition to joystick operation, the upgraded solution enabled control via tablet, enhancing user flexibility and adaptability. Moreover, the solution also encompassed subsequent workarounds with other methods of controlling the robot, such as game console controllers and spatial controllers. 

  • Simplified User Onboarding 

The user-friendly interface allowed users to drag and drop the programmed movement coordinate files from the tool of their choice into the application. The application’s backend automatically converted this file into suitable code ideal for the robot’s arm movements.  

  • Enhanced Arm Mobility 

The upgraded robot now possessed a 6-joint arm movement that significantly enhanced the dexterity, flexibility, and maneuverability of the robot, enabling it to achieve a broader range of motion and precise positioning, 

  • Intuitive Programming Features 

The visualization capability also allowed the end-user to preview the robot’s interactions with the surroundings and configure the arm coordinates based on the user scenario. It also facilitated the saving and reusing different robot movements, streamlining complex movements and reducing redundant programming efforts. 


Upon collaborating with Soliton, our customer was able to integrate groundbreaking features such as 3D visualization, joystick/tablet/spatial controller compatibility, and innovative programming solutions. Introducing such features to their existing robot revolutionized product demonstrations, drove sales, and established our customer as a pioneer in cinematic robotics. 

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