Post-Silicon Validation Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award

BANGALORE, India Frost & Sullivan 2016 North American

Soliton Technologies is very pleased to announce that Frost & Sullivan has recognized it with the 2016 Customer Value Leadership Award for Post-Silicon Validation Solutions, North America. The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award is presented to companies in recognition of world-class performance within their respective industries and the recipients are selected by its global team of analysts and consultants involved in continuous research across the entire value chain of products. Their research report states that “Soliton is a pioneer in enabling large-scale standardization of post-silicon validation automation in large semiconductor companies and has the most dedicated solution focus compared to any other market participant.”

Soliton started working on the post-silicon validation application area more than a decade ago with a large semiconductor major. Under the direction of a visionary leader in the customer’s organization, a very successful program of standardization of their post-silicon validation automation infrastructure was initiated on the National Instruments’ platforms LabVIEW and TestStand. One of the primary motivations for choosing to standardize on LabVIEW is the very extensive driver support available for legacy GPIB benchtop instruments as well as the more modern PXI modular instruments. TestStand provides the flexible test scripting automation layer on top of LabVIEW. Since then Soliton has started helping other semiconductor companies on similar programs of standardization and automation infrastructure development, by building on the customer’s existing infrastructure. The benefits have been very tangible in terms of improving engineering productivity in post-silicon validation, impacting both completeness and speed.

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Ganesh Devaraj, CEO of Soliton Technologies commented “We are extremely pleased to know that the focussed work that we have been doing in this field for more than a decade has put us in this leadership position for post-silicon validation solutions. The automation solutions in the validation labs of semiconductor companies have long been left to the different teams to develop and support independently. It is clear from our experience that there is a lot of gain to be had from standardization and creating common automation infrastructure that can be used by many teams and supported centrally with a very small team. We are keen to start the discussions with more semiconductor companies about how we can help them in this very useful initiative.”

Since the launch of STS, the revolutionary high volume production test system from NI, Soliton has been closely working with NI to gain expertise on this new platform and has completed multiple projects successfully. Soliton has also developed a product called S5, which is a powerful GUI based wizard to significantly improve STS test program development productivity using automation.

Please contact Soliton to learn more about the recent trends in the area of post-silicon validation solutions.

About Soliton:

Over 18+ years as an Alliance Member of National Instruments, Soliton has grown by pursuing a focused strategy of providing high quality software platforms and solutions to multinational clients in the US, India, Germany, UK, China, and the Philippines. Soliton specializes in helping companies standardize and deploy LabVIEW and TestStand based platforms for test and measurement automation that significantly improve engineering productivity.

Soliton works in IC characterization / post-silicon validation, production test engineering on the NI STS, and the design of embedded firmware and GUIs for IC Evaluation Kits. Soliton has helped major semiconductor companies standardize on LabVIEW and TestStand based purpose-built platforms for post-silicon validation.

Soliton has received more than 20 prestigious international awards including the Texas Instruments ‘Supplier Excellence Award’ for 2014, Frost & Sullivan ‘2016 Customer Value Leadership Award for Post-Silicon Validation Solutions, North America’, and the ‘Outstanding Technical Resources Award (Alliance)’ from National Instruments for 2014 and 2015.