Workflow Integration Across Semiconductor V&V & High Volume Production Testing

Increasing time to market pressures, combined with increasing device complexity & reducing engineering bandwidth are common pain points across semiconductor companies. Increasing efficiency through higher reuse of automation across the design validation in the labs and high volume production test has not been an attractive option owing to the traditional differences in test equipment and software platforms used across these engineering functions.

The National Instruments Semiconductor Test System (STS), which leverages common PXI Modular Instrumentation hardware and Test Automation software across both characterization and production, has helped break this traditional barrier and has enabled the possibility of higher reuse across the distinct engineering workflows. The underlying platform from National Instruments is designed from the ground up for automation, with integrated timing, synchronization, and high data throughput infrastructure.

However, the reuse leverage can only be realized through designing improved workflows, processes, and tools architected to address the distinct priorities demanded by semiconductor design validation and characterization in the lab and high volume production test on the test floor. A focused approach that allows maximum leverage of the core underlying technology components from National Instruments, coupled with a high degree of flexibility and usability at the end user level is essential to solving the challenge.

Why integrate Semiconductor V&V & Product Test Workflows

  • Shorter Time-to-Market
  • Reduction in CapEx & OpEx
  • Increased test coverage
  • Improved Data Correlation
  • Increased engineering productivity
  • Faster on-boarding time for engineers

Soliton Approach

Soliton recommends a 2 step approach for integrating the semiconductor V&V & Product Test workflows within semiconductor companies, that helps ensure that the customer realizes a tangible return from their investments at every stage.

Step 1:

Identifying & design a standardized automation offering that individually addresses the workflow challenges existing within Semiconductor V&V & High Volume Production Testing, while optimally utilizing the underlying common platform and technology components provided by NI

Step 2:

Focus extensively on increasing the integration across these distinct standardization offerings

Workflow Integration Across Semiconductor V&V & High Volume Production Testing

Why Soliton

Soliton is uniquely placed to help customers overcome this barrier through our vast & distinct expertise in

  1. Developing tools which empower validation, characterization, and test engineers to develop high-level solutions independently
  2. Identifying upstream processes and checkpoints that can be streamlined for reuse components all the way through production
  3. Imparting training to various stakeholders (Validation Engineers, Characterization Engineers, Test engineers) to ensure self-sustenance within customer teams
Enable success and deliver innovation across people, process, tools & technology

Soliton’s Experience & Expertise

  1. Certified National Instruments Alliance Partner with Semiconductor / STS Specialty.
  2. 5-time winner of NI Outstanding Technical Resources (Alliance) Award at NIWeek (2014 - 2018) in recognition of having one of the largest teams of certified LabVIEW and TestStand professional in the world.
  3. 10+ years of experience in semiconductor validation using LabVIEW, TestStand, and PXI.
  4. Experience working with a wide range of semiconductor devices (analog, mixed-signal and RF).
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