Thin Client for Remote Monitoring

Access your application data. Anywhere. Anytime.

Data acquisition systems are typically distributed across the length and breadth of production floors and laboratories and often times engineers / scientists have to walk up to these instruments in order to view and analyze the data collected, and compare against data collected at the other stations.

Soliton’s ‘Thin client for remote monitoring’ allows users to remotely access and control the applications running on these systems via a browser or from mobile devices. The web application can access the data from PXI, cRIO, or other systems and display them in the most suitable visualization format required by the user.

Monitoring-process illustration


  1. Access instrument data via web browsers using a simple url
  2. Authentication for secure login and access
  3. Easy data correlation from multiple instruments
  4. Customized and advanced data visualization, which is especially useful in the case of embedded controllers like the CRIO.