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Soliton Technologies is a leading global provider of purpose-built software for semiconductor validation automation, data management, and end-customer evaluation of devices. Soliton has deep expertise in partnering with several Fortune 500 semiconductor companies and successfully implement enterprise-wide lab-standardization & business transformation initiatives. We have helped customers modernize their lab automation infrastructure and workflows and have helped them improve their efficiency by over 30% and increase test coverage while successfully meeting challenging product development schedules.​

​NI and Soliton signed a strategic agreement in Aug 2020 to jointly develop new IP to modernize semiconductor validation labs. Know More


Lack of insights into test instrumentation utilization

Software Deployment & Management across systems

Remote System connectivity and access​



A breakthrough tool for monitoring and reporting on utilization of Benchtop Instruments across an organization

Generate utilization reports from thousands of connected PCs/Instruments within the organization

Provide a real-time view of utilization and idle hours

Support for GPIB, USB & Ethernet Instruments

How to get a better understanding of instrument utilization?​

SystemLink Integration Services

Soliton is a NI SystemLink Specialty Partner​

Soliton helps establish, bring up ​& customize the NI SystemLink ​platforms for individual customer needs​

How to get the most out of NI SystemLink?​


Is delayed RTM owing to ​validation bottlenecks​

Increased time spent on device bring up,​ digital communication & compliance ​validation​

Lack of effective COTS tools resulting in Increased effort on custom​ automation software ​within customer teams


SIVA (Soliton Integrated Validation Architecture)​

Maximize Automation

Increase Reuse​

Simplify Onboarding

How can SIVA simplify my DUT Bring Up & Automation?​

PMIC Plugins

Out of the box software for key PMIC tests

Generate comprehensive reports and plots​

Support interactive debugging & test automation workflows

Validate key PMIC parameters with a report in a day​

PVS - Protocol Compliance Validation within Few Hours

Increase your digital protocol test coverage and generate compliance reports in hours​

Enhanced debugging that helps recreate fault conditions with ease​

Flexibility to introduce custom fault conditions and limits​

How to speed up digital protocol test coverage?


Spending too much time visually analyzing thousands of large waveforms to spot anomalies?​

Does your general-purpose data visualization tool take too much time to load waveforms?

Do you find it hard to search, filter, and tag waveforms for analysis?​


A Fast Waveform Visualization Tool - DIVE

DIVE is optimized to load folders with thousands of large waveforms fast

DIVE helps you to use Machine Learning models (built-in and custom) to spot anomalies faster

DIVE allows you to tag waveforms with comments and helps you filter and retrieve them with ease

Waveform Visualization & ML-based Waveform Anomaly Detection – Start your free 14-Day Trial

Data & Machine Learning (ML) Services

We help you organize your test and measurement data to make it easily accessible, insightful, and ML friendly

Our Machine Learning Starter Program enables you to leverage ML into your workflow with minimal investment

How can Soliton help me work with my data better?​

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