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Unboxing NUERA Smart Camera

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Congratulations on getting your NUERA Smart Camera!

Let us unbox the NUERA and explore a little bit.

Hardware Setup

In the package you will get following items:

  1. NUERA Smart camera
  2. Ethernet Cable
  3. Power IO Cable
  4. 24V DC Power Adapter

Connect the RJ45 end of Ethernet cable to your PC/Router/Ethernet Switch and circular connector end(for NUERA standard) to NUERA Smart camera. For NUERA Pro version standard, RS45 cable will be used.

NUERA Ethernet Cable

Fig 1. NUERA Ethernet Cable (for standard model)

It is assumed that you have access to a 230V AC plug to power NUERA using the 24V DC power adapter. Connect NUERA power cable’s circular end to NUERA and other end to power adapter 2Pin connector. In addition to power lines in the Power-IO socket in NUERA, you can access 2x general purpose input, 2x general purpose output and RS232 (RX, TX). Complete pin-out details are available here.

Setting up Network setting on PC

By default IP address of the NUERA Smart Camera is set to To access inbuilt webserver called WebGUI of the Smart Camera, either PC should be connected to the Smart Camera directly through an Ethernet crossover cable or to an Ethernet switch/Local network, to which Camera is connected to. If the camera is directly connected to the PC then, the PC should be configured with static IP address. In Ubuntu, you can do this by following steps given below:

  1. Click on the Networks icon at the top-right corner of the desktop
  2. Select Edit Connections.
  3. Then, Add a new connection and select Connection Type as Ethernet. Give a name to this
  4. Under the IPv4 Settings tab, select the method as Manual and click on Add button. Enter any address except, or
  5. Set Netmask as and Gateway as


NUERA Smart Camera Ethernet Setting on PC

Fig 2. Network Setting on Ubuntu Linux PC


NOTE: If you plan to work with NUERA Smart camera using Ethernet crossover cable, you can check the ‘Automatically connect to this network when it is available’ option in the General tab.

Explore WebGUI

Once the NUERA Smart camera is powered up, wait for 5-10 seconds, it hosts the WebGUI. You can open
WebGUI in your browser by simply entering the NUERA Smart Camera’s IP address (default: in the address bar of any web browser (Google Chrome is the recommended browser).

On the right hand side you will see the live Camera feed and on the left hand side you will see two options:

Camera Configuration will have following sections:
  • Basic Camera Information like application name, serial number, MAC ID,
  • Image Sensor settings like sensor gain, exposure time, ROI, trigger mode, etc.
  • Network setting IP Address of the camera.
  • Peripheral settings like for strobe light, configuring different servers running inside.
Application Configuration will have following settings:
  • Select Application type – example threshold, value, etc.


Fig 3. NUERA Smart Camera WebGUI

For any further assistance, please contact our application engineer at [email protected]

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