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Thanks for showing interest in NUERA Smart Camera and willingness to spend more time to understand deeply how NUERA can add value to your Vision System.

Here are ten advantages of using NUERA Smart Camera:

  1. It has integrated strobe light, this eliminates the need of external light. Additionally, it has 4x high speed IO’s, RS232, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and HDMI display output is available directly from the camera itself, so for many applications this will be a huge advantage, no need to add separate PC for operator display. All these features makes it a complete vision system.
  2. Option for inbuilt WiFi / 4G. One can build highly sophisticated cloud connected IoT solution or even setup a vision system to run on Opex model.
  3. Web Server / WebGUI helps camera and application level configuration using any device having browser. No software installation required. It can also be used for operator GUI , hence saves significant development cost and effort.
  4. As NUERA Smart Camera runs Embedded RT Linux, open source image processing libraries like OpenCV or any other open source libraries could be used for vision algorithm development. No extra OS license cost or image processing library license cost. For more flexibility, Soliton has tested NUERA with Industry known MVTec Halcon Library and it works well. Customer gets the freedom of choice, whoever want to use ready libraries to save on development time, can use HALCON. Please note HALCON license need to be purchased separately, Soliton can also bundle it along with the Camera.
  5. Application can be written in popular programming languages like C/C++, Python for NUERA. Soliton provides project template for quick start where, image capture, various interfaces & IO’s handling is already given, one need to just implement the vision algorithm part.
  6. Free accessories like 24V 1.5A Power Supply, Power IO Cable, Ethernet cable, Lens protection cover makes the total solution much more affordable.
  7. NUERA standard model is IP67 certified, can work in harsh industrial environment. CE/FCC Certification is in progress.
  8. NUERA Smart Cameras are fully designed and manufactured in India.
  9. Warranty & after-sales support is provided by Soliton directly from it’s Bangalore, India office. This helps in quick response time.
  10. Soliton has more than 20 years of experience providing engineering services to various MNCs across the globe and in designing machine vision cameras since 2006. Soliton can take up custom development projects for special requirements which cannot be fulfilled with NUERA or to further optimize design for features, size, performance, cost, etc.

Build your Vision System using Soliton’s NUERA Smart Camera!

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, contact us at [email protected]

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