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NUERA Smart Camera Overview

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NUERA machine vision smart camera is a compact, modular and a complete vision system . With inbuilt high performance quad-core ARM processor, it is capable of running image processing algorithms & user application logic. NUERA provides flexibility to choose the image sensor resolution, lens, filter, lighting, and connectivity interfaces as per the requirement. Complete SDK (C / C++, Python) is provided including project templates and example codes to speed up the application development.

Features which make it suitable for your next generation vision systems:

  1. Compact Design – enables implementation of compact vision solutions
  2. IP67 Certified, Industrial grade – works reliably in harsh Industrial environment
  3. Image Sensor, Lens, Filters – flexibility to chose Image sensor (VGA, 1.2MP), Lens & Filters (C, CS, S mount)
  4. Integrated Ring Light – eliminates the need of external light and its strobe controller
  5. Inbuilt Quad Core CPU (ARM – 1GHz) – allows user to run image processing algorithms and application logic
  6. Open Source Software Support – Embedded RT Linux, OpenCV, C/C++, Python, WebGUI
  7. Various Communication Interfaces & Direct Display – 4x high speed IO’s, Gigabit Ethernet, RS232, USB, HDMI Display output
  8. Industry 4.0 ready – option for Inbuilt WiFi / 4G


Download NUERA datasheet for more details.

For any further assistance, please contact our application engineer at [email protected]

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