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A 64bit Linux PC with Ubuntu 14.04 Operating Systems is required for the application development for NUERA Smart Camera. Click here to download Ubuntu OS.

If you would like to Install Linux on Windows Operating System then follow the instructions given below else skip and move to next section:

  1. Download the .iso package of the Linux distribution.
  2. Download Rufus or a similar tool that converts your flash drive into a bootable OS device.
  3. Insert a flash drive to the PC that has the memory capacity of minimum 2GB and be prepared to lose the existing data in the flash drive.
  4. Open the Rufus application and select the following configuration
    1. Select the flash drive you inserted in the Device tab
    2. Select MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI
    3. Select FAT32 under File system
    4. Use the default cluster size
    5. Name the drive as you desire
    6. Check ‘Create a bootable disk using ’ checkbox
  5. Click the disk icon next to Create a bootable disk using _ check box and select the OS Image that you want to install
  6. Press Start
  7. Allow the application to download and install a compatible version of Syslinux, if prompted
  8. Allow the application to write in ISO image mode, if prompted
  9. Allow the application to format the flash drive if prompted
  10. Once it is finished, restart the PC and go to Boot options menu by pressing the appropriate key in your PC
  11. Select the USB port to boot the OS
  12. Now you can try the OS without installing it. Once you decide to install, navigate to settings button on the top right corner of your desktop and select Install OS.
  13. Here you have a number of options to install the OS. Choose the dual boot option and allocate a part of your hard drive to the OS being installed.
  14. Having your PC connected will install all the latest drivers and update the applications.
  15. Once you are done installing and restart your PC, you maybe prompted to update your OS to the latest distribution available. But keep in mind that updating Ubuntu may not allow configure and connect to NUERA properly.

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For any further assistance, please contact our application engineer at [email protected]

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