Semiconductor companies are constantly challenged to release chips to market as quickly as possible, and at the same time ensure that their test coverage in post-silicon validation is as thorough as possible. Well written test automation software can increase the test coverage while ensuring a significant reduction in the testing time. Soliton has over 100 person-years of experience in developing robust and scalable automation software for post-silicon validation in the areas of Chip / Device Characterization and Firmware / System Validation.


  • Electrical Characterization

    We take up the responsibility to develop the automation and make parametric measurements to characterize Analog, Mixed Signal and Digital ICs across process variables such as temperature, supply voltage, operating frequency, electrical load, etc.

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  • System Validation

    We take up the responsibility to develop the automation and run the tests to validate the firmware on the IC and also run system level validation tests. The automation ensures that regression tests can be quickly run after each firmware upgrade.

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  • Lab2Fab

    With the introduction of NI STS, code developed in the Lab for PXI systems can be reused in production in the STS. This brings in a lot of productivity improvements. Soliton provides consulting to help companies maximize this benefit.

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  • Digital Protocol Validation and Emulation Suite for many major protocols such as : I2C,SPI on various platforms such as NI FlexRIO, NI HSDIO, Xilinx Spartan, Virtex, Ultrascale, Altera Stratix and Arria V,X, FTDI-USB and Cypress-Superspeed-USB3.
  • AEC-Q100 Short Circuit Compliance (Automotive).
  • JESD204B based interfaces to High Speed ADCs, DACs and JESD204B DUT validation on NI High Speed Serial (659X) Modules and Xilinx/Altera FPGA boards.
  • IC Bootup Validation.
  • USB PD Rev C Validation for Baseband Modem, Parametrics, Functional Validation.
  • Synchronized Stimulus Response Engines for Battery Powered Devices, PMICs, Microcontrollers.
  • IC Bring-up GUI Frameworks using HSDIO/ FlexRIO/FTDI as the hardware layers.
  • Enterprise Validation Software Development across geographies and time zones.


  • Experience

    1000+ projects completed for block level, device level and system level characterization and validation covering parametric measurements, functional and break-the-part validation.

  • Expertise

    PMICs, ADCs, DACs, Switches, Drivers, Microcontroller Functional Test, Discrete Devices, RF Transceivers, Memories, etc.

  • Value Proposition

    Mature Global Delivery Model with the right mix of onsite and offsite engineers maximizes convenience and value for the customer while providing round the clock development.

  • Scale and Reach

    Demonstrated ability to undertake large scale software infrastructure projects across geographies and business units, with its team of 100+ architects and developers.

  • Platform Approach

    Well abstracted and thoughtfully architected measurement and automation software that provides a platform for rapid solution development and high level of reuse.

  • Training and Support

    Continuing training and support facilitated through structured lunch and learns, in-person training modules and online videos, and support desks.